*-inside, we are equal,-*

*-inside, we are together.-*

*-night may never lift,-*

*-hell may fall forever upon us,-*

*-but together we are, simple as this.-*

Author's Note: This poem was an assignment for a book called Night: Survivor of the Holocaust by Elie Wiesel (and a true story), given by my S.E.A.. teacher Mrs. Mofield. I was supposed to use all the letters of night to make the poem, like in those things where you see

Nothing's left
Inside of me, so I
Gather my personal
Hell and abyss
Together for tonight.

. . . but I cheated. That's okay, though, because it turned out quite nicely.

I made it look like a stamp on purpose. If it doesn't come out right on your computer, then pretend it did, and tell me what you think! I love constructive criticism.