Which comes first,

parental or romantic love?

Does Aphrodite have a lover and a mother?

Who is the father who disapproves of or

forbids the affection given to his daughter.


how could her suitor ever give her

even a fraction of a father's love?

At a dinner table, a family gives thanks

to God, for the food and good company

including the boyfriend of their youngest,

most beautiful daughter.

Attempting to be discrete, next to his lover,

the boy squeezes her thigh, under the table,

when suddenly he leans and pecks him on the neck

so slightly red turns his face, but no one seemed to notice.

The dishes, later, are replaced by dominoes,

dull conversation replaced by laughter, as

they all exchange looks and big smiles, so when

mother & father have retired for the evening

and she says "I like that boy", he turns

and plants an especially sincere kiss on her forehead, and

replies, "hmmm… so do I"