Hi everyone :-)

just thought I owed everyone an explanation as to

why I'm writing this story.

It was my friend's birfday a while back and,

well, I promised to write her something,

last year.

Yeah, I'm a bad person, blah, blah lol

but seriously, this is for her =P

She knows who she is and I hope she likes it

cause I'm trying :-)

Be warned, there is slash

(aka male x male for those of you who don't know).

If you don't like that kind of writing,

don't read this.

I mean, I hope you do,

cause I'm hoping to make it cute

but I don't want to make anyone


Of course, I hope all you other readers like it too!

I would fully appreciate reviews.

I understand if it seems rushed right now

and the grammer/punctuation isn't what it

could be


bear with me?

I'd appreciate it :-)

Oh! And review away please! :-)

Happy Readings :-D