The Ground before You

The ground before you
Is the ground beneath me
Your dried tears
Are streaming down my cheeks

Your dreams were smashed
As the windshield of your car
You didn't move from your sit
And yet we still lost you

How's it possible?
They say love is the greatest force
I guess alcohol is much greater

When you called to tell me
You'll be right home, not to worry
You showed me I could always trust you
And like a fool, I did

And now I'm standing above you
With a single rose in my hand
It's white, pure, like you
It's young. Taken too early, like you

I can still hear your laughter ringing in the wind
But sometimes it's just the car alarm
Which wakes me in every nightmare
I need you, I miss you
I never got to tell you that

You just left me here
Standing above you
With a single rose
A tear gliding down my cheek
Because of you. To you