From the morning to the night

I feel the coming intensity

Bringing with it a lurking continuity

And a pale sunrise, seeking forgiveness from a dream undreamed

Whirling, all at once and seemingly never arrived

This feeling comes like sunshine

From the light of a pale, hooded lantern

Caking the world with its definitive icing

In two lines, of dark and light, on a spinning globe

Unmoving parallels that cease to exist but for each other, it seems

Riders of a naked truth, me and my people

Each alone, finding unity in solitude

The world is content with forming these complexities

Weaving with an iron fist the needles of tomorrow's patching

Can we believe in what we believe,

Or has it already been expanded?

Are we lagging just moments behind

Dealing with realizations, never seeming to form a basis

Constantly moving, continuing, yet never making progress?

I know my friends, I know my places, I know myself

To a degree

What is my world, but the things I choose to grow with

In this cold, vicious, always rewarding cycle

That was my birth

That is my life

That will be my death

I would not leave now for the promise of a million dreams

I have my own

And it is blinding