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Prologue: Persuasion

The unused wood would have a feast tonight. Already it was devouring the liquid ruby's that spilled fluidly from Delilah's abdomen with ease. My gaze followed the edges of the pool forming slowly around me, completely enthralled by the way it gleamed in the moonlight. It was the only light I had to work with in the room and for being so far away it did a magnificent job of letting you see around, and to see yourself and others who might be with you. I shifted my eyes down to my hands. I was dirty. My clothes and body soiled from all of the effort-

A whimper sounded from below, and my eyes were suddenly locked with Delilah's. Her eyes were red and swollen from the constant stream of tears that fell from her face that was so fragile and alabaster. Even near death Delilah was beautiful. My eyes narrowed at her slightly but the feeling of contempt swiftly left as I turned my attention back to softened floor beneath us. The wood was truly drinking its fill tonight, its appetite seemingly insatiable as the red ran across the room. Another whimper captured my attention.

I watched as Delilah's eyes darted from side to side in a panic, her chest now rising and falling to a faster tempo than before.

"Shh, it's okay," I spoke to her softly- reassuringly- as I took hold of her cool fingers beneath mine, so warm and alive. She tried to respond but her words were blocked, and then we heard it. I looked towards the open doorway where the sound of footsteps echoed down the hallway, nearing us. They destroyed our peace and we both became stiffer even though it seemed impossible for Delilah to move much about at all. She had lost a lot of blood and that kind of thing makes you weaker.

"Have you finished?" Jack asked looking down at the pair of us with a frown. I looked him over quickly, noting his clothes we're nearly as dirty as mine, but more than that he was completely at ease resting his muscular body on the doorframe. "Finished?" his eyes caught mine easily and although he was shadowed in darkness, preventing me from seeing the expression in his eyes, his tone gave away his other meaning.

I shook my head quickly and looked back down at Delilah. "Well hurry please we have a lot more people to visit tonight." His voice took on a teasing note as he grew closer to me but my attention didn't stray.

"Give me a break," I said strongly before catching the look he gave me, "she's my best friend," I finished softly. My best friend, who now lay broken before me almost motionlessly next to where I knelt.

"We don't have time Natalie," Delilah's eye's captured mine, pleading with me, begging with me at the words he spoke, and they shifted focus from me to the fine instrument that graciously gave the wood beneath us a taste of life.

"Night Dee," my words meant only for her to hear filled the room over the sound of the last desperate gasp of breath she stole from the air.

"Now that wasn't too bad was it?" my body quivered at the sound of his voice so very near to me. My hair moved across my cheek in a gentle caress at the encouragement of his hot breath leaving me slightly breathless at the effect his dammed voice had on me. Swiftly his arms came around my waist and pulled me to my feet effortlessly. He did not let me go.

"You're a mess" I said finally after a lifetime of silence that only lasted a few seconds. I turned to face him and put some distance in between us.

"So are you," he responded before giving me a quick once over, "but at least you're not her." I swallowed tightly as he jerked his head in the direction of Delilah. At least it wasn't me.

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