Save me from the pain of life

I can't keep feeling like this

Barely going by

Drumming hands on table

Disinterest meeting me from all odd angles

Desire, desire, only in my fantasies

Unable to act, I plunge into the icy waters of my mind

Drowning, finding satisfaction

As the freezing jaws clench



Stealing my breath

Devoiding me of life and love

Only to drag myself from the depths

To wander, sleepless, dreamless,

In shambles, seeking both in blinding storm

Addicted to pain, in absence of hope

And too far from death

To find pale comparison in its engulfing shadow

What can I do, what can be said

There's too much to do, no time today

Tomorrow reeks of sweet reprise

If it only ever got hereā€¦

That'd be nice