Remembering your face

I see the love, the irony

Behind my loving hate

Remembering your eyes

I feel the iron, beating down

On my insides

Remembering your touch

Now I know that you're

The one to kick away my crutch

Fuckin waitin game

I want it fuckin now

Fuckin hate this game

It's fuckin lost now

Turn away and laugh

That's just like you to try

Think you've got me trapped?

I turn to you and cry

Another day

Of course, without you

Lost in empty space

Another release

To alone, acknowledge

My incongruities

Another, and

I'll probably drop it all

And run from you to my own hell

So this is how

It feels to love

A lovely girl like you

So goddamned broken

Wondering how it all

Came apart, unglued

So many times

This happens,

Still I'm shocked when it is through

Published: 12/03/08

A/N: Damn I am an angsty bastard!