Another weird idea that might go somewhere… or it might not. Kdh.


"So you want to be a Dark Lord… as a career choice?" the mystical guidance councilor asked the student before him in the Mystical Guidance Councilor's Office. It was decorated in strange magical and astrological symbols, dream catchers, a poster with a fortune teller on it saying "Stay in school, I see it in your future!", some candles on stands, a window that was draped over, and the desk and two chairs. The desk itself was nothing special, just plain dark wood, and the chairs matched it and like their fellow piece of furniture, were unremarkable. Both councilor and student was quite the odd pair; the councilor wore the red robes of the faculty and had wild grey hair and a long face while the student wore all black, had short cut but stylish raven hair, was devilishly handsome, and had blue eyes. "Are you certain Mr. Abaddon?"

"Very much so, don't I have the grades?" Douglas Abaddon looked at his councilor questioningly.

"Well, you have A's in fortress/dungeon design, torture, necromancy, economic voodoo, military strategy, single combat, and your A+ in Charismatic Speech and Grammar are all excellent. Any potential Dark Lord would go far with these grades and a good diploma. What worries me though are all the potential problems of starting out, which means you could be stomped out or run out of loot, and then there are heroes that would kill you as soon as look at you. It's a dangerous business," the councilor told him in a serious tone. He looked concerned, but it seemed comical on his long face.

Douglas rubbed his chin before he replied. "I'm lucky that way, though. My family is giving me our ancient family estate in the southwest which is complete with traps, a full graveyard, and money to fund repairs and troops. Some of my fellow students have agreed to go into business with me as well," Abaddon added as an after thought. He spoke again before the staff member could speak. "I'm hoping to be in full operation before the end of this year."

"Which students are you taking on, if I may ask?"

"Olga Hinerick, Gregori Descartes, and Lilith Raum as my field commander, head engineer, and my second, respectively," Douglas told him with a smile as he crossed his legs and leaned forward with his hands on his knee. "A very crack team if I do say so myself."

"It would seem so but I am obligated to ask this question; why you feel this is the appropriate choice for you as a career?"

"Call it a dream, call it a hope, call it family tradition, call it fate, but whatever it is it is, my goal in life to rule the world with an iron fist but with a people friendly attitude," Doug elaborated darkly with an unexpected perkiness near the end of his short narration.

"That's… interesting…"

"Hey Bill," Doug greeted his friend, a hero in training. Bill was average height for a member of the Wukong species (human/spider monkey hybrids), which was tall for the average human male. That fact made the Wukong male tower over Douglas Abaddon who was on the short side of average. "How goes it?"

"Oh, ehehe, getting psyched for graduation. Gettin' cool grad weapons and stuff from the family… you?" Bill asked. He scratched one monkey ear with a hand-like foot while his long, prehensile tail twitched behind him.

"Planning for my lair, gathering followers, chaos… you know, career planning basically," Doug responded. His simian companion nodded emphatically and together they dug into their lunches. They ate in the large and rather plain cafeteria of the Academy of the Pantheon. It was dedicated to the five great gods of their world so worthy students had a place to learn. In reality, though, they only taught students of noble birth, for mere peasants were unwelcome at the very best.

"Hey guys," Lilith greeted the future hero and villain. She received grunts in return as they were both more interested in their meals. A sigh of discontent escaped her as she took a chair at the circular table next to Doug. "Guys, I'm going to take off my top and dance on the table," she said matter-of-factly and received grunts again until they processed what they had just been told. One could only imagine the break neck speed at which the pair of heads simultaneously popped up to stare at Lilith. "So, you do still have your hearing."

"We're waiting," Bill joked and looked at her expectantly.

"Watch it Billy boy, that's my second in command you're talking to," Douglas reprimanded his friend with a smile on his face. Part of that was at the thought of Lilith. She was incredibly beautiful and Doug was entranced every time she smiled or looked at him or laughed. She was slightly taller than her leader and was a stark contrast in appearance to her leader, due to her dark mocha skin and golden blonde hair. Her eyes were a great contrast due to her bloody crimson nature. They were thanks to her fairfolk blood, at least that was what her family said to the public. Demonic heritage was punishable by death, decreed by the gods, in their wisdom.

"Stop looking at my smiley skull," Lilith demanded of Bill, truly becoming angry now. The smiley skull in question was a cartoony and eerily cheery skull printed on the front of her black tunic and covered her bust. That skull was accompanied by smaller yet similar skulls on each sleeve. One can only imagine which one he was staring at. "I can kick your big red monkey butt and you know it so knock it off."

"Bill!" Doug added.

"Whoa, whoa! Calm down lovebirds, geez!" Bill appealed to the prickly pair. All he managed to do was get kicked in the shin by Doug under the table and glared at by Lilith. "Touchy much?"

"Causing trouble Bill?" a voice wanted to know. The three members of the little group looked to see Gregori take a seat with his lunch. He was an oddity in many ways, being that he was dower and a master of mystomechanics, neither common for a male of the Fairfolk. Fairfolk were known as worshippers of the goddess of nature and life with an extreme matriarchal society, where men were enlightened with near slavery for being born males. They were also known for plant clothing in solid green while Gregori wore multi colored and gaudy silk clothing. "Why am I not surprised?"

"He is both a Wukong and a 'Hero', what more could one expect?" Olga suggested but it sounded more like a statement. She sat down next to Gregori with her lunch. She was taller than even Bill -but not by much- though she was much wider and heavily muscled. Next to Olga, Gregori was dwarfed, but in truth he was only slightly shorter than Doug. "Men are such pigs sometimes."

Olga was part Elleysha, more commonly called Newfolk. They were created from the dead and stone but were still able to mate with humans or any of the other "higher" species that the dead in them came from. She was only a quarter Elleysha but still retained the strength, if not the size, of a full blooded Elleysha and wore the bulky, black plate armor of an 'Evil' warrior with the same smiley skull as Lilith' shirt on the front. The only organic part of her that could be seen was her bright orange hair that came out of the back of her helmet and the chalky grey flesh of her face. Her eyes looked almost as if they were made of solid stone but the iris gave it away with a change of light.

"True, but you sound too much like one of those sick amazons," Lilith shook her head at Olga. Amazons were some of the most sadistic followers of the Nature Goddess.

"I saw some once when they came to my home town a couple of years back, they had some great bodies," Bill commented.

"Do not speak of those filthy women around me pervert," Gregori commanded the 'hero'.

"Does everybody have a chip on their shoulder today or what?" Bill muttered to himself.

"Congratulations graduating class of 4582!"

Excellent, Doug thought as he and the other students filed out of the auditorium, I'm finally out of here.