Day and night, night and day

I come looking for you,

I've finely given in to it.

Finely given you the last say

I love you and you walked away

I put all my trust in to you

You just walked away like I was nothing

You told me I was the world,

Worth the pain

Worth the tears

Now where are you?

Not here

Not holding me

You promised

But now that I am no longer wanted

And not worth it all

You killed a peace of your self in the process

How do you like that now?

You walked away,

You didn't even look back

Now you are back

With your back still towards me

I see that you are shaking

I tap you on the shoulder

When you look at me

I see that is me

I walked away from my self

So day and night, night and day

I sat there crying

I thought that I was worth nothing to any one

But I have finely seen what love is

How can it be I never seen before?

My, my

I guess that means that I have put my soul to


That I am in a place were I can truly be happy now

No more


No more


This is not me anymore

I'm stronger now

Life has become more for me now

Before it was black and white

Now there is color.

How do I thank you?

I look at my self and say

"Just don't go and get hurt again, once you are healed,

You will e back at first chance of this shell

You'll no longer be happy if you come back to me"

I nod my head and give my self a hug and walk away

Away from the old pain

The past

And now I look to the future