Fallen angel,wings once gold,
I remember stories that you never told.
I remember songs you didn't sing.
Feathers bloody,torn from wings.

I remember tears were cried.
I remember those who died.
I remember wings long faded.
I remember souls long jaded.

I remember dark gray clouds.
Bodies covered by burial shrouds.
I remember blackened skies,
Hard to see through tear-soaked eyes.

I remember tear drop rains,
That all but failed in dulling the pain,
That eats at you inside,
Long forgotten 'till you die.

Haunting dreams,echoed screams,
Not all is as it seems.
Maybe once there was something more,
But now its gone and it locked the door.

I remember all of that.
I remember that I sat,
Crying for the ones long past,
Who predicted the day that's come at last.

All was smote by all the rock,
From below and up above,
Firey rivers,burning doves.

Last to cry,last to die,
It's now the tears stream from my eyes,
But far too late,all is gone.
I'm the last of everyone.

I remember the blood red sky,
And wishing that like the others I could die,
To be among the ones that care,
And not just left,standing here.

Fading light,end to plight,
I swing down with all my might.
Bloody river,flowing red,
It's now time I join the dead.

-"I remember(End of All)",Tara 2000