Just pretend I never existed,
just pretend I never lived my life.
Just forget about me and leave me behind,
Lords know I've already lost my mind.

So just forget my existance,
just fly off and be free.
I'll never bother you again,
and I'll die just being me.
And I'll die so you can be free.

No one can stand my existance,
so why do I still bother to try?
Why do I still plague you so,
with my life,my love,my breath,and my soul?
Why do I still stay here & still go out of control?
Why don't I leave this sacred place,
so you can all forget my face,
and be free to FLY AGAIN.

Why don't you just leave me behind,
why do you just not be free?
Why am I still alive,
and why are you still putting up with me?
Why am I not staring into my blood
as you walk off into the distance?
Why aren't you flying free,
and forgetting my life in an instant?

Why am I still around?
Why can't I leave you behind?
Why can't I save souls still around?
Why can't I be like mine,shattered on the ground?
Why am I digraced and unpure when I have no reason to be?
How can I be so clear eyed & still not see?
Why are you still here with me?

Just leave me hanging around.
Just leave me broken on the ground.
A puppet with & without her strings.
Just leave me so you can be free.

You can still do anything you want to,
You weren't cast from heaven long ago.
But you still deal with me,
And I cannot go.

So just leave me shattered,
and what's left of my purity will die with me.
So just leave me shattered,
so I can be at peace.
So just leave me shattered,
so you can again be free.
So just leave me shattered...

So you can again be free...
-"Theme of the Little Demon",Tara/Neith-2001