"This sucks."

Heather Barnes muttered to herself. She spent two hours browsing her closet for something to wear for her company's annual Christmas Party. Despite her efforts, nothing decent caught her eye. She settled for a black dress that wasn't very attractive and didn't flatter her figure, but at least fit her. At 5 feet 9 inches with a weight of 190 pounds, her closest friends kept telling her that she wasn't fat and her height made up for it but she wasn't satisfied.

She looked at herself in the mirror after dressing up and started applying her make-up. She spread foundation that matched her complexion over her heart-shaped face. She framed her almond-shaped green eyes with eye shadow and outlined them with eyeliner. She then coated her full plump lips red with a smear of gloss then teased her brunette hair a bit. After checking herself on the mirror one last time, she left her house and drove to the Hilton where the party was being held.

"Good evening Miss Barnes," the usher welcomed her after checking her name on the list and taking her coat. "you are in table 2."

Heather smiled and made her journey to the table. She was so lucky to have her job, working as an editor for a very famous publishing company. She sat at the table and immediately had her meal in front of her since she was late. She looked at table 1 and saw the most gorgeous man in New York. Mr. tall, dark and handsome, Andrew Bennett, heir to the publishing company – with, presumably, his wife connected to his arm.

She averted her eyes and started with her meal. After dessert, the program went on with performances and announcements, then came the dancing. She was not the most graceful person and with her weight, she always thought she looked stupid so she decided to go outside in the garden, despite the cold. She was surprised to see Andrew there. Wrapping her coat she got beforehand, Heather approached him, wanting to talk to the object of her affections.

"There's a nice party inside." She announced, startling him "What's a guy like you doing out here?"

He turned around, smiling and replied, "I could say the same thing about you."

She approached a wooden bench and brushed off the snow before sitting down. "I don't do dancing."

Andrew took a few steps and sat down next to her. "Well then, I don't do socializing."

She smiled and it grew closer when he scooted closer to her. They kept a steady stream of conversation and were both surprised at how comfortable they were. They then touched the topic of relationships. Heather took another risk tonight by subtly asking him about his relationship status. "So, how's your wife?"

"I don't have a wife." He admitted with amusement and confusion in his eyes.

"Oh," she replied, in disbelief that he was wifeless "who was that woman with you?"

He flashed her another one of his smiles and replied "A date my secretary set me up for tonight."

"Wow, I thought a guy as charming and perfect as you would have a wife by now." She declared.

"I guess I just haven't found the right woman yet." He admitted.

Heather smiled and looked down at her watch and realized it was getting late. "Well I should probably go, it's getting late."

She stood up hesitantly and Andrew followed suit. He brushed snowflakes off her hair and she blushed, touched by the gesture. They started making their way inside when he spoke, "I really enjoyed your company tonight. I hope we could do that again sometime."

She stopped and so did he when he realized she wasn't walking beside him. Eyes wide with disbelief, she stammered. "Y- you're asking me out on a d- date?"

Walking towards her and taking her hands in his, he brought them up to his lips and responded, "Yes, I believe I am."

After two days, Heather received a bouquet of while lilies on her desk. She was amused yet so happy at the thought that Andrew knew what her favorite flowers were. They set up a date for that evening and it would be their first time to meet again since the party. She searched for a card and found it was attached to one of the stems. She took it out and read it.

I can't wait to see you again tonight.

Heather held the card close to her chest with a huge smile on her face. Over the weekend, she thought about it and hoped that Andrew was not playing with her. Although she knew it was impossible, with her size, she hoped Andrew was sincere and was genuinely interested in her. She liked him the first time she saw him and those feelings grew as she stole glimpses of him.

She started concentrating on work which made the time fly by so fast. She didn't get to see Andrew that day which made her anticipate their date more. Her work for the day was done and she made her way home to get ready for her big date. This time, she prepared by buying a new dress. A few hours later, her doorbell rang and she opened it to see Andrew who had a bouquet of lilies – again – and a smile.

"You look wonderful." He declared, extending his hand.

Heather took it and locked up her house before leaving. She never looked past him when she opened the door so she was surprised to see a horse-drawn carriage on her front lawn. "I've never seen a real horse-drawn carriage before, much less ridden one."

He helped her get up on it and instructed the driver to go to their destination. "Well, I'm glad I was able to give you your first."

They arrived at and expensive restaurant and started up another conversation. "So," Andrew asked, "how's your steak?"

"Fine," she replied "how's yours?"

"Real good," he answered "but not as good as your company."

She blushed and took a sip of her wine. "Thank you. I feel the same way." She responded.

They ate their meal for an hour and when they came up to get the check, Andrew paid for everything saying it was his treat. Then, they went back on the carriage and he asked the driver to take a stroll around New York. He reached for a blanket on the seat across theirs and draped it on their laps. He then put his arm around her and held her close as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She took comfort in him and laid her head on his shoulder. Then, he did the most unexpected thing.

He kissed her.

It was no peck-on-the-lips or friendly kiss. It was passionate; hot, wet and open-mouthed. She was so shocked it took her a few seconds to respond. They kissed for what it seemed like an eternity before pulling apart for air. He continued kissing her neck and she shivered.

"Cold?" Andrew asked.

"No." Quite the opposite actually.

He tilted his head to the side as if scrutinizing her and she hoped he would kiss her again. And he did. This time, he flattened his body against hers and she felt a bulge in his pants, which made her kiss him harder. He broke the kiss, panting, and ordered the chauffer to take them to his penthouse in Manhattan.

They didn't talk for the rest of the journey but cuddled close to each other. On the ride to elevator, they didn't touch nor speak. When they reached his room, she immediately went to the balcony to try and calm herself. She'd been dreaming of this moment and can't believe it was happening.

"Wow," she exclaimed "the view is beautiful."

She felt arms wrap around her from behind, "Not as beautiful as you."

He turned her to face him and started kissing her again. She started reasoning to herself that things were going too fast and she pulled back before she lost the will to stop. She placed her hands on his chest and looked into his hazy blue eyes. "Andrew, I really like you but I'm not the kind of girl who sleeps around after the first date. If I do, then I must feel very strongly for that person."

"You're the first woman I've taken out on an actual date in years." Andrew explained "I've had a lot of other choices but somehow, I chose you because I feel alive when I'm with you."

That did it. She grabbed his face with both hands and lowered it until their lips met. Unlike the passionate kiss earlier, this was sweet, lingering and full of emotion; love. She poured everything she felt for him into that kiss. "Make love to me."

He didn't need to be told twice. He picked her up easily despite her weight and she wrapped her legs around his torso. He carried her to his bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed. He stood in front of her and started taking off his coat and tossed it to the side. One by one, he started to remove his clothing until he was standing there in his boxer briefs.

Heather was wide-eyed at the Adonis standing in front of her. Andrew was very fit and toned with muscles of steel. He was handsome with his dark hair and his stare burned a hole into her. He reached for her and started unbuttoning her coat.

"It's about time I get to open my Christmas present."

He stripped her this time, slowly, taking his time. Off went her dress then her bra and pantyhose. He pushed her so she lay on the bed and took off her panties leaving her bare for him to look at. She suddenly felt insecure and was about to call the whole thing off when he loomed on top of her and stroked her body.

"You're exquisite."

She felt her cheeks heat up. "Do you want to turn off the lights? I feel very self-conscious."

Andrew frowned and caressed her face "Don't be ashamed of yourself. You're beautiful, and tonight I'm going to prove it to you. Plus," he added "you'd have to get used to it because when you live with me, I'm bound to ravish you all night and straight on 'til morning."

She was confused at the last part of his reply but it went out of her mind when he suckled her nipple. His tongue circled the nub and his hand cupped her other breast. She moaned in delight and placed her hands on his head urging him to continue. He went on sucking and lapping one nipple while massaging the other breast.


Andrew pulled away and placed kisses on her body moving south. Heather felt a flush creep over her body and an ache between her legs. He pushed her thighs apart revealing her to him; she glistened. He reached out and stroked her then sucking on his fingers.

"You look so succulent my dear. Delicious, I could eat you all day." He looked up to her and quirked a brow as if asking for permission. She nodded.

He separated her folds and leaned in for a taste. He groaned and dove back in, exploring her. He kissed her private parts and put his tongue inside her. Andrew could hear Heather panting and moaning and getting more and more close to orgasm. He then inserted a finger inside her and she moaned. He added another two pushing it in and out of her then started paying attention to the button that would drive her wild. He sucked on it and she bucked her hips.

"Harder, please." She screamed pushing his head towards her. "Oh Andrew! Don't stop!"

"Wasn't planning on it babe." He said brushing his lips on her. She gyrated her hips while he continued his ministrations and was encouraged by her moaning. After a few seconds, Heather reached her climax arching off the bed, shuddering screaming his name. When she was calm, he planted kisses up her body until he reached her lips and gave her a passionate kiss.

"Thank you. I don't think I've ever come so hard." She confessed.

"You're more than welcome." He replied.

She kissed him again and felt the bulge in his briefs. "It's my turn to take care of you."

She was reaching for him when he took her hand. "No, tonight it's all about you." He got up and removed his briefs freeing himself. He was huge and thick and as hard as iron. He lay on top of her, putting his hands on either side of her head, and started kissing her again, getting her to open up for him again.

Heather explored her lover's body, feeling the hard, defined muscles. Memorizing the contours and his broad shoulders and hard chest and abs. Making her way downwards, she took the hot length of him and started stroking him. Andrew groaned and pulled away trying to catch his breath. She marveled at the power she had over him and started stroking him faster. He reached out a hand to her again, stopping her.

"Babe, you'll have to slow down, I don't think I can last that long."

"Then take me."

"Guide me into you."

She placed him on her entrance and Andrew pushed his hips inserting himself inch by agonizing inch.

"Andrew, faster." Heather panted "Don't make me wait."

He pushed himself all the way and they both shouted in ecstasy. "Babe, you're so tight. So hot."

He braced himself on his arms while they started moving their hips together. Andrew kissed her and sucked her tongue before biting her lower lip. Heather locked her legs around him and he could feel her inner muscles clenching around him.

"That's it babe."

"Deeper, faster." She demanded "Oh Andrew faster."

He increased the pumping of his hips building up the pressure towards climax. He stroked her deeper reaching that sweet spot, burying himself to the hilt, earning a moan from her. She's a moaner. He loved that about her. He looked at his beautiful lover, her dark hair spilled on the pillow, cheeks flushed from their lovemaking, eyes glazed with passion.

"Oh!" she cried out "I'm coming."

He gripped her waist, thrusting once, twice before she reached her peak. Her nails dragged down his back and he felt her arching, shuddering below him. He could feel her inner muscles convulsing making him join her in ecstasy. He groaned deep in his chest and released his warm seed into her body.

He collapsed beside her and they lay there, listening to themselves catch their breath. Andrew took Heather in his arms and started stroking her hair. She basked in the afterglow, looking at her surroundings with light from the bedside lamps, suddenly remembering his earlier statement. "What did you mean when you said I'd have to get used on having sex with the light on because when I live with you you'd 'ravish me all night and straight on 'til morning'?"

He chuckled and kissed her on the forehead, nose then lips. "Remember during the Christmas Party when I said I haven't found the right woman to be my wife? Well, I just found her. I admire your achievements and I love how you gave me a chance to prove my sincerity in pursuing you. In the short amount of time we spent together, I already know I'm going to love you for the rest of my life, no one else."

The best way to describe Heather's reaction was that she glowed. Well, they both did. They shared a kiss just like the one on the balcony; unhurried, lingering, sweet and filled with love. After the kiss, he pecked her one last time before taking out a velvet box from under the pillows and presented it to her.

"Heather Nicolette Barnes, I love you. Will you be my wife? "

Her reply was to kiss him until he was out of breath.

"I guess that's a yes."

She chuckled and rested her forehead on his. "That was a heck yes."

Andrew smiled and planted a kiss on her lips while putting the ring on her left hand, thinking of how lucky she was to find a man who loved her truly and unconditionally. She rested it on his chest and looked up to his eyes.

"By the way, I love you Andrew Martin Bennett."

"I don't think I'd tire of saying I love you too Mrs. Heather Nicolette Bennett."

My first attempt at writing mature romance. Feedback please! Very much appreciated.