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Liv and the Royalties

Chapter 1: Liv and Gwen

It was a warm, sunny, Saturday afternoon. Olivia "Liv" Carlamane was sitting on her best friend's bed looking at all of the posters of famous bands on the wall. She was actually staring at one in particular, the Royalties. This band consisted of five males and one female. Liv's best friend, Gwen Thorton, came in the room bearing snacks on a tray. She shook her head as soon as she saw her best friend's dream glance. You see, Liv was in love with one Alexander Callaway – the lead keyboard player in the band. She knew everything about him right down to his shoe size.

"Liv," Gwen called out to her friend. Liv just stared off some more. "Olivia!" Gwen tried again and this time, it worked. It broke Liv out of her reverie. "Oh, hi Gwen," she said dejectedly.

Gwen rolled her eyes and sighed, "Liv, you need to stop thinking about this. It's not worth going all emo about."

"I know, but this is going to be our senior year. We were supposed to make the most of it. And the one thing in the world that we should be doing, we can even do it," Liv said. Gwen rolled her eyes again at her best friend. Gwen loved her best friend but, sometimes, she was kind of hard to take.

You see, Liv and Gwen were entering their senior year in high school. They had made a pact to do everything this year – find boyfriends and going to all the concerts of their favorite bands. The latter idea was shot. The girls had stood in line all day after the first day of school had let out just to find that by the time they reached the front of the line, the Royalties' concert was sold out. Gwen wasn't as big of a fan as her best friend, but she still liked them enough to have the poster that Liv gave her during the past year.

"Liv," Gwen tried again, "this year is still going to be the best even with missing this first concert. You and I are going to be spending it together."

"You're right," Liv sighed. "We will make the most of it." She looked at the clock on Gwen's nightstand and realized that she was supposed to be at home half and hour ago. "Shoot! I'm late!" she said and ran out the door, bidding Gwen goodbye. She raced all the way down the street and ran through her front door.

"Olivia Marie Carlamane!" her mother yelled from the kitchen. Her father walked by with a sympathetic look on his face. Liv trudged all the way to the kitchen. "Young lady, where have you been?" her mother asked her as she continued to take things out of the oven. "You were supposed to be home at seven o'clock not seven-thirty."

"Sorry, Mom," Liv apologized. "I was having a mini-crisis and Gwen was trying to calm me down."

"Sweetie, those there are other concerts," her mother told her. Liv had told her mother about what had happened earlier in the day. "You're just lucky your father came home late too. What in the world is wrong with this family? Jacob! Dinner!" she yelled up the stairs as she brought the food to the dining room table. Jacob "Jake" Carlamane was Liv's older brother. He was home for the summer from college. He was a sophomore at the neighboring college. His classes don't start until about two weeks after Liv. "Hey, brat," he said, ruffling Liv's hair a little bit. She just stuck her tongue out at him and sat down in her respective seat at the dining room table.

Matt Carlamane sat down just in time to see his wife set the dinner roast down on the table. "You are a bad example for your children, Matthew," Jamie Carlamane told her husband. "You come in here fifteen minutes late, and then your daughter comes in fifteen minutes after you," she said chuckling a little. The family always started their dinner with the same conversation. This family was filled with a weird sense of humor.

"Sweetie," Matt said as he leaned over to place a loving hand on his daughter's arm. "Your mother told me that you didn't get those tickets that you wanted today." Liv sadly nodded her head. "Everyone's been telling me that I shouldn't be sad but I still feel like being sad," she answered. Jake snorted, which caused a roll to be thrown in his face. "Do not throw things at this table," Jamie said sternly at her two children.

"Sorry, Mom," Liv and Jake said at the same time.

Dinner was over and dessert was being brought out. "Hey, brat. I was watching TV today and I just happened to have it on MTV and they were saying that there is going to be a mini-concert out in the parking lot at that Royalties concert. The band apparently wanted to give something back to some of their fans that couldn't get tickets because of it being sold out. Me and Ryan are going to the mall to pick up some things for our girls next week, we can drop you off, if you want," Jake told his little sister.

Liv's eyes widen. "When did you hear this?" she asked.

"At around four?" he said trying to remember the exact time. "You were at Gwen's – I know that for sure."

She nodded her head. "Would it be alright? I can call you afterwards or something to come pick us up," she suggested.

"Just tell Gwen not to bring anything liquid into my car. It still hasn't recovered from the last time," he told her. She punched him on the arm as soon as she was able to stand up from her seat. "Ow," he said playfully rubbing that area where she punched him. "Geeze, I tried to do something nice, and she goes and hits me," he told his dad. Matt burst out laughing. "It's not that funny, Daddy," Liv said coming back into the room. "Jake's just mad that he made Gwen laugh and she spilled her drink all over herself and a part of his car."

"That car was newly washed inside. I couldn't get that weird wet smell out of the car for days. I had to resort to taking it in to the professionals to do it," he retorted.

"Thanks!" she said and rushed to hug her brother. He laughed and hugged her back. "You're welcome, lil' brat." As you have noticed, the siblings have this love-hate relationship complex going on.

She gave both of her parents a hug and ran up to lock herself in her room. She took out her cellphone and speed dialed her best friend. She waited and heard two rings before Gwen picked up the phone. "Hello?" Gwen answered her phone. "Liv? What's up?"

Liv couldn't hold in her excitement any longer. "We're going to the Royalties pre-show concert!" she yelled into the phone. Gwen had to hold the phone away from her ear at that moment. She forgot that her best friend was kind of loud sometimes. "Liv? What in the world are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the Royalties giving a mini-concert preshow thingy before their concert next week. My brother and Ryan are offering to drive us to the show and then come and pick us up after they buy some things for their girlfriends at the mall."

"Oh, okay," Gwen said sadly.

"Gwen, are you okay?" Liv asked her best friend. She knew that Gwen had a huge crush on her brother's best friend. Ever since Ryan took Gwen in on that one sad and awful day, she looked up to him. Soon that admiration turned into love. "I'm okay. I'm just letting the idea settle in. We're going to the concert!"

"Well, it's just the pre-show but that's okay," Liv explained. "I still love it!" Gwen tried to lighten up her mood for her best friend. "We'll make you look so beautiful for the concert and hopefully we can catch Alex's eye," Gwen said. The two girls talked a little bit more and then bade each other goodbye.

Every day for the next week, the two girls went to each other's houses and started finding the different outfits to where. Liv must have tried on so many different outfits during that whole entire week. She finally settled on a blue baby-doll shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of simple black boots. She looked over the outfit one more time before she went to bed. She was so excited for the next day!

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