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(Author's note: "Talking", "Thinking, "Faerie", "Telepathy", "Ancient language". You won't find all these in this chapter but you'll get them later.)


It's a dark and stormy night at sea. The brief flashes of lightning silhouette a boat. Especially the two figures fighting furiously on the deck. Their blades rang in the night air, surprisingly clear against the boom of the thunder and the roar of the wind. Neither of them seemed to be faltering, an amazing feat considering how the salty spray of the sea and the stinging drops of rain must have irritated their wounds. In another flash of lighting, a gunshot rang out, and a scream from one of the two fighters as he crashed into the swirling sea's merciless embrace, clinging to life by a mere piece of wood. Another flash of lightning revealed the other fighter watching the first struggle against the waves, a smile of morbid satisfaction on his face.

Elizabeth woke up breathing hard. She looked around the messy bedroom. Her miniature DVD player was still on. She chuckled slightly, turning it off. "Phew. I'm never watching Lord of the Rings at 2 am again." She said. Tap! She heard a sound behind her. She turned just to see a pebble hit her window. "Heh. I always wonder how she gets up so early." She thought to herself. Naouru always did this every morning of summer.

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By the way,elvish and faerie are two different languages. If some one speaks elvish,I'll write it as elvish.(Then,translate later.)