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Chapter 3: Ellorien Mystral

The girls, their parents and, obviously, the medical staff were rather bewildered at today's events.

After all, who wouldn't be if an elf popped up while you're on a stroll on the shore?

Any way, they were in the waiting room when the doctor came out with a pleasant smile on her face. "He'll be ok. He's really weak and his injuries might take some time to heal but he'll live."

Everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief. Naouru's brother tugged at the doctor's coat.

"How come you're not wiggin' out like sis and her friend about this guy?" The eight year old asked.

She smiled at him and kneeled to his level. "Because I've seen stranger things. Just because some one or something is different doesn't always mean it's bad." She said, sweetly. Straightening up, she addressed every one in the room. "You can go in and see him if you like."

Every one nodded and they entered the small, white room.

While the parents and Naouru's brother stayed by the door and stared in disbelief at the elf, the doctor and the girls went closer to the bed. He eyed all of them cautiously. Elizabeth could hear him growling softly, almost threateningly, at them. Like a cornered animal that was trying to make her leave.

"Where am I?" he hissed.

She blinked at him. "Huh?"

He just scoffed and said "Do you not understand, human? I asked you where this place is." She still looked at him confusedly. "I'm sorry; I just can't understand…um…elfish, right?" He massaged the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Is this better?" He said. She was surprised at this. He still had a bit of an accent that would say British and it contrasted starkly with his Asiatic appearance but in the least, she could understand him.

"Whoa! He speaks English!" Exclaimed Naouru and her brother.

If looks could kill, they would've dropped dead at the one he gave them just then.

"Naouru, Kouru, that's not polite." Their mother told them. "Sorry, mom." Both replied.

Snickering, Elisabeth turned to the boy again. "This happens a lot. So, I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Elisabeth Anderson. The girl with the pink hair is Naouru Takani. Her brother is Kouru Takani; their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Takani and the doctor who bandaged you up is Dr. Celina Auburns." She said, pointing to each in turn. He relaxed a bit more and then turned to face her. "I think, now that we understand each other, you can answer me. Where am I?" He said.

"You're in a hospital. The girls found you lying on the beach in pretty bad shape. You could've died if it weren't for them." Was the answer by Mrs. Takani. He turned to Elisabeth and then to Naouru and then smiled. "In that case, I am in your debt."

"By the way, who are you, mister?" Asked Kouru. He looked at the boy before facing the rest of the people in the room.

"My name is Ellorien Mystral of Calverin Forest. I came here looking for the guardians of Water and Fire."

Sorry about there being so much talking. This is supposed to be an "introduce people" chapter.

Any way, here's the physical description of the people:

Kouru: 3 feet tall; heart-shaped face; light-beige skin; short, brown, messy hair; black, Japanese eyes; looks his age.

Celina: 6 feet tall; oval face; lightly tanned skin; black hair (same style as Elisabeth's but it's tied in the back); red (irises, not the white part), Japanese eyes; looks 27.

Mr. Takani: 5 3/4 feet tall; oval face; pale skin; short, brown hair; black, Japanese eyes; looks his age (32)

Mrs. Takani: 5 ½ feet tall; heart-shaped face; light-beige skin; long black hair; black, Japanese eyes; looks her age (it's impolite to ask a lady's age!)

On another note, I forgot to mention that Naouru is only a few months older than Elisabeth. And that Ellor is taller than her thanks to her shortness and his elfish blood. Elisabeth's parents might be in the next chapter.