How could you have left me?

Wasn't I still your little girl?

There was so much you hadn't taught me.

There was so much more laughing to do.

More smiling.

Things were looking up for us.

The family we had always wanted to be.

There was happiness, finally.

Yet you ended it so abruptly.

So suddenly.

I can't help but feel left behind.

Why did you want more?

Why wasn't our happiness more important?

You weren't in pain anymore.

You weren't unhappy anymore.

Why did you want to end it all?

Did you do it on purpose?

Were you really that selfish?

Or was it an accident?

Did you think you could handle more?

Even though you didn't need it.

Did you crave numbness that much?

Was your sleeping world more beautiful than reality?

Was it a better place for you?

Why did you leave me?

I've got all these questions.

Forever unanswered.

I can't help but cry for you.

Even though it's been months.

I want you back.

I want your laughter back.

I want your yelling back.

I want your happiness back.

I want your anger back.

I'll take the abuse.

I want my mommy back.