Most horrible crimes are said to happen on cold, stormy nights, but this was not your usual crime

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Death Dreams

Most horrible crimes are said to happen because one person went berserk or wanted revenge. This is defiantly not your usual crime. No one person will ever be punished for the crime. But indeed it was worse than the harm most psychos can do. Much worse. This happened in a strange sequence, almost like a killing spree. Their story can teach you what will happen if you let yourself be consumed by hate. No matter how we look, act, or feel, we are all the same, inside. We all have our own fears, and we all have our own dreams. We must learn how to respect each other, even though there are many barriers between each of us. If we would learn to accept each other for who we are, this world would truly be a better place. And horrible crimes and deaths would never occur. And life would finally be perfect.

As Anne wandered by each fencepost, her mind started to wander. She remembered that strange reoccurring dream. By now she knew every small detail of it. The picture that came the clearest was the blood. She had seen her precious garden, her favorite place in the world, drenched in that dark crimson liquid. It was strange, the dream. For some reason or another, Anne had not been part of it. It was like she was on the outside looking in. Throughout the whole thing there was this strange woman, clad in white robes, watching, as if she knew what was to come. This confused Anne the most. She had seen her own neighborhood, her world. The whole place was red. What did it mean? She couldn't tell, but she had a sinking feeling in her chest that told her it did mean something. She figured sooner or later it would come to her. As it just so happens, it did come to her, a little too soon for her liking though. But come to think, there was nothing 'likeable' about it.

It was well known at Fair Field High School that Anne and Eddie were a couple. They had been together since their freshman year…. And they were juniors. They had met in science class when they were paired up for a chemistry lab. It had seen as if fate had smiled upon them. At first they were friends, and talked for hours, but as time passed they became a couple. The names "Anne and Ed" were frequently connected, and the pair of them had won the Cutest Couple award at every school dance they attended. They really made a good couple, with Eddie's dark brown hair and eyes, and Anne's bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. Anne had started to doubt their relationship. She was preoccupied with the dream however, so she didn't do much questioning. That is, until the day after Anne and Eddie's 2nd anniversary. Anne had just woken up from the disturbing dream again, and Ed was surprised with a call from her.

"Oh Eddie!" she cried. "I have the worst feeling that something horrible is going to happen. I feel like it is something I can't control, and I really hate the feeling! It's these dreams I've been having-" Suddenly she was cut off by Eddie's peals of laughter. "You're worried about a silly dream?" he asked mockingly. "You should be worried more about trying not to break those dainty nails of yours!"

"Well maybe the dream does mean something…" she said, ignoring the rudeness in Eddie's tone of voice.

"You're still talking about that? Drop it. I don't wanna hear about it." Eddie said, again cutting into her sentence.

"Well maybe I don't wanna hear anything from you either!" she said as she slammed down the receiver.

"I wonder if he still cares about me," she wondered aloud. "I wonder if my dream is important." Suddenly she thought of her best friend, Megan. Megan loved anything that had to do with mysteries. As Anne dialed the long remembered number, she started to have doubts. Would Megan believe her? As she listened to the empty ringing, she thought more about what her dream might mean. Could it mean that she liked the color red? No, definitely not. She knew her dream meant much more than just empty thoughts. Then she was suddenly comforted by Megan's warm, soothing voice as she answered the phone.

"Hi Megs," she said casually. "I thought you might be interested by this weird dream I've been having."

"Anne, I'm your best bud. Don't think you can trick me. What's wrong? Is it Eddie? C'mon, you know you can trust me," said Megan.

"Well, it kinda has to do with Ed I guess," replied Anne. "It really all started with my dream…" As Anne described the dream, she could hear Megan's gasps and sighs as she went through each detail.

"Let's have a séance!" Megan yelled. "Ya know, with candles, the Ouija board… that would be so fun!"

"Megs! This has nothing to do with ghosts!" Anne argued.

"Well, I dun care! We can still have a gigantic party! Ya know, girl's night! Puh-lease!?"

"Fine. No Eddie?"


The party wasn't only girls. Anne relented to inviting Donnie, Clint and Kevin cus they hung out with the girls so much, they were practically considered a brother. Megan, true to her word, brought extra candles and her cousin's Ouija board, and she even brought a magic eight ball. Their other best friends, Erin, Ginny, Jena, and Ash came too. And the best part was the fact that Eddie wasn't there.

"Oh my gosh! That séance stuff is so creepy!" squealed Ash, the girl with the longest, most beautiful brown hair.

"Are you sure this isn't like against our religion or something?" asked Jena uncertainly.

"This is bad, calling up spirits is TOTALLY against our religion," mutter Ginny in response.

"Don't worry, It's not like it works anyhow," said Anne.

Meanwhile the guys were fooling around with the eight ball.

"What does 'dodo' mean?" they asked the ball. When it answered YES, they fell back laughing.

"Guys, why are you so immature? Gosh, maybe we shouldn't have invited you after all. Shape up or leave," said Megan in an annoyed voice.

"Well, I guess we gotta shape up!" joked Kevin.

" I mean, what Megan says is law!" added Donnie. All three guys tried to keep straight faces but failed miserably.

"They can't help they're freaks!" Erin stated, with a smile on her face.

"Let's get on with the séance thing. Maybe it'll distract 'em. Or better yet, maybe they'll shut up! Guys, if you'll be quiet we'll let you light the candles, ya know, with the big lighters…"

"Oh yeah baby!" the three guys shrieked as they ran to collect the candles.

"Guys, ya gotta luv 'em," Jena said.

"Speak for your self." Ash laughed. "Look at them! They look like animals!"

The six girls started laughing, and Megan started to set up the board, placing it in Anne's living room. As the guys came back with candles, Ash went and turned out the lights. The girls all screamed and the guys laughed. In the candlelight, the room looked eerie.

"Now we join hands," said Megan. As each person took their neighbors' hand, Jena and Ginny shot each other guilty looks. Megan gave the piece to Anne.

"You do the honors," she told her quietly.

"Jena and Ginny, if you guys wanna watch TV instead, the remote is on the sofa downstairs," Anne said with a smile. Jena and Ginny let out sighs of relief and got up and went down.

"Ready?" Anne asked.

"Duh," said Clint as Anne placed her hands on first, followed by Megan, Erin, Ash, and the guys.

"I'd like to communicate with the spirits," Anne chanted.

"What is to come?"

Suddenly the piece started to move. Even the guys were stunned. First it went to the letter 'B'. The room went completely silent.

"B, um, now it's moving! E, W…A, R…and E," whispered Megan. "It stopped! Oh my gosh, that spells beware!"

All the girls looked at each other and screamed, and the guys nervously eyed each other.

"Uh Meg?" asked Anne uncertainly.


"It's moving again."

And indeed it was. As it moved silently across the board, it stopped at the letters R, E, and last of all D.

"Omigosh, omigosh…" Anne whimpered.

"What's wrong? What is it?" Donnie asked in a serious voice.

"My dream, the white woman, red, blood…"

"You're making no sense," stated Donnie in a concerned voice. "Someone get her some water. Are you feeling all right?" he asked. "You're shaking!"

"NO, it's not, that's not why I'm upset. It's a dream I've been having…" and Anne retold her dream, not leaving out a single part. Her audience listened, and because of the events on the Ouija board that they had just witnessed, they all agreed with her. They all thought it had some meaning. And they were indeed correct.

Ed was angry. His girlfriend was acting very strange, she was having strange dreams (and believing them) and she was now mad at him. He just couldn't figure out why. All he had said was that he didn't wanna hear about her dream. What was wrong with that? Ok, maybe his tone wasn't exactly kind, but he had said stuff like that before, and she didn't get angry then! Who could understand women? Certainly Eddie could not. And it was all over a silly dream. He wondered what she had been eating. Too much chocolate? Maybe. She was just a girl anyhow. They had fought before and it had been all right. He shouldn't be bothered. But he was, and that alone worried him.

"Megs?" Anne whispered uncertainly.

"Yeah?" Megan whispered back.

"Will you come downstairs so we can talk without waking the others up?"


After their séance, all the girls had decided to sleep over, considering it was too scary for any of them to sleep alone. The guys were too macho to tell the girls, but they had slept over at Kevin's house. They would've said they were bored, but honestly they were just as scared as the girls.

"What's wrong?" asked Megan sympathetically, once they had reached the downstairs.

"I just don't understand. I mean, I've been with Ed so long, I don't remember how I originally felt about him. I feel like we've been trying to keep something together that's not there!" Anne said quietly.

"Well, maybe you guys aren't right for each other. Maybe you shouldn't date, especially if you think it's a failing cause." Megan responded.

"And I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm betraying him. I used to think we were meant for each other. He was the only good thing going for me…ever!"

"That's not true, and you know it! I mean, for one thing you got me. But seriously, you can't downsize yourself just because of some guys!"

"He's not just some guy! He's Eddie!"

"Honey, you're lying to your self. You are beautiful, and I know dozens of other guys who would go out with you any day." Said Megan while she comforted Anne.

"Like who?"

"Donnie to name one. Didn't you see how he acted? He was so kind! I mean, if some guy cared that much about me I would be dating them by now!"

"I don't see you dating Ben."

"Don't change the subject. You are a great person and you must learn that you don't need to be Eddie's boy friend to be liked! You gotta remember, Eddie is who you date, but not who you are."

"I still say you should date Ben."

"Arrrrgggggh! You are hopeless. Your matchmaking abilities suck!"

"Well, you set me up with Eddie in a way, so yours aren't too good at it either!" said Anne, in a much better mood. The two girls giggled and chatted about gossip and hot guys until they got sleepy. Then they went to bed. Little did they know that this would be their last peaceful night.

Anne walked quickly. She was coming back from Megan's house, and she was scared. Anne had had the dream again. This time however, it went further.

She had seen the woman's face, the white woman's. It had the strangest expression, an expression of fear, hatred, furry, and pain. In her arms, she held a baby, a small bundle. She was continually rocking him. The woman was looking right at Anne. Anne was horrified. To her, it seemed as if the woman was blaming her for something horrible. As Anne looked closer, she saw there was a tiny cross around the babies' neck. That was strange. And as Anne looked closely at the woman's face, she recognized her. It was Anne's own mother.

Anne's mother had been killed during a drive by shooting…or so Anne had thought. The dream was placing unanswered questions into Anne's mind. The two had been extremely close, and Anne had finally been able to forget the hurt, pain, and lonesomeness, that is, until her dream came. Now it was almost worse than before.

As Anne neared her small cottage, she thought more about her mother. Was there something more to her death? Why else would she be in her dreams? Suddenly, Anne stopped dead in her tracks. There was something in her garden. As she got closer she saw it was some type of clothing, bloody rags. As she bent down to remove it, she let out a sharp gasp. It wasn't just a bloody cloth. Inside there was a baby. A tiny thing saturated in blood. And around it's neck was a small chain. And on that chain was a cross.

Kevin was having nightmares. Not like the ones Anne was having. Kevin's dreams were of his past. Although he had never told a soul, he still wondered about his past. He had never known his father, and many people had called his mother horrible names and phrases. His mother had never been normal exactly. Many called her crazy, but Kevin had known she was just different. She was wise, maybe even too wise. She had seen and learned things in her lifetime than most people should. The strangest part was that she had always talked about how church was bad, even evil. Almost everyone else loved and embraced God, but not his mother. His mother was now dead. That was truthfully why Kevin had left that place. But her death troubled him. So many of his past and current friends had talked about how people who didn't let God, or Allah, or Jesus, into their hearts, would most certainly go to Hell. But what was Hell exactly? Kevin had no idea, but he was still worried about her. He wasn't sure exactly what he believed, but the one thing he knew was that he was worried about her.

Now, with all the current events, Kevin was even more confused than usual. He didn't like Ouiga Boards. But before, he had never thought one could work. But then he went to that innocent party… that fake séance. And in the time you could snap your fingers, all that ignorant innocence was gone. Although Kevin had no better a knowing of things, he now knew that strange things happened, and if you didn't believe, no one would believe in you, and eventually you would become invisible. Well, that was Kevin's way of summarizing it. For some strange reason, Kevin thought the strange happenings and his mother were some how linked. Kevin couldn't quite put a finger on the reason, but it was there all the same. It was like an irritant, like a tiny grain of sand in an oyster. The only difference between the two was that no pearl would result from this. No beauty would result from his pain. Not a single speck of light in the darkness.

After Anne's sighting of the dead baby, she had raced, crying, back to Megan's house. Megan found her hysterical on the porch swing and after she had extracted the facts from Anne's crying, she had been horrified. Nothing like this had ever happened in this small town. Nothing even close had ever happened. But then again, outsiders were moving in every day, and the town was getting more and more crowded. There had been more and more robberies, more graffiti, more dislike. Megan could even almost feel the hate building up around her.

Every week Megan went to church. And every week, when she returned home, she would pass the Synagogue for the Jews and the Cathedral for the Catholics. Megan could not help but see the looks on the peoples' faces. They all looked at each other with so much hate in their eyes, and the faces scared Megan. It seemed that everyone, everything in this town was starting to crumble. She felt the only thing still holding it all together was her and the other's friendship. It was then that she decided that her and her friends must stick together. She started to dial their numbers as she tried to comfort Anne. That was a hard task to complete.

They all met at Megan's house. She had said it was urgent, and when she told the others, they were wordless.

"Maybe it's just a doll that some freak put in your garden," Clint suggested. "Did you look closely?"

"Yeah, after finding a dead baby with lots of blood covering it, she just investigated," responded Donnie sarcastically.

"Chill out ya'll, don't fight, we're all we got," chided Megan while she gestured around the room.

"Now, we gotta figure out what happened to the poor thing," Ashley said. "Maybe we should go poke around…"

"I can't see it again!" Anne sniffed. "You don't understand! It was so pitiful…" her voice started to crack.

"I agree, that might not be such a good idea," Jena quickly said. Meanwhile, the boys were quietly discussing something.

"We'll go," Kevin volunteered quickly, and with that, the three guys left. The girls sat discussing the current events. Suddenly the door flew open.

"Anne, I was looking for you and I saw blood, I looked, and what I saw, and I came here," Eddie said hysterically. "What did you do to it? You could've told me…"

"What did I do? What did I do!? So you came here to see what I did, not to see if I was ok? You really think I did it? I thought I trusted you!" Anne was practically screaming. "I can't possibly see you again! Before, you would have asked how I was, now, you barge in not caring weather I'm hurt or, or… dead!" With that she stormed upstairs. Eddie attempted to follow her, but the other girls stood in his way.

"She loved you, you were practically her life," Ginny gasped.

"You never even seemed to care!" Jena said frowning.

"Get out! She deserves better, much better than you!" Megan said, in a low, angry voice. As Eddie walked out the door, Ashley yelled after him, "And she found the baby. It's not hers! How dare you even assume that?"

As Eddie kept walking, he thought about what he had said. He also thought about Anne. It was true, maybe, that he didn't love her. Maybe he just liked her. She just made him feel so good, and other people liked him because of her. But now, that was gone. Maybe he was happy. Yeah. He was happy without her.

Anne had finally calmed down. As she went downstairs to see what the boys had found. She saw Donnie holding the cross. It was the cross that had been around the baby's neck.

"I don't understand," Anne heard Kevin say. "The baby was too young and small to have such a large chain around its neck."

"Hey Anne, how are you feeling?" Donnie asked as he noticed her coming into the room.

"Better," she replied quietly. "What did you find?"

"Well, we couldn't just leave it there, so we buried it." At a look from Anne, he quickly added, "But we marked the spot well. And we found this around its neck." He held up the necklace. "WE can't figure out why it was there." As he looked into Anne's blue eyes, he knew there was something she wasn't telling them.

"Anne, come on, ya gotta be honest with us!" Donnie remarked.

"Well, it's another dream, well the same dream. But my mother was in it; she was the woman I had told you about. And the baby was there, necklace and all."

"Was this before or after you saw it?" Kevin wondered.


"Are you psychic or something?" asked Clint. Anne glanced quickly over at him but he was not joking. "Ya know, some people do have it, they say it's a gift."

"I don't have it. No way." But Anne doubted herself. Was she psychic or something? But that thought didn't seem right. "No. That's definitely not it. I can feel it." The others looked a little relieved. But just a little. They all went back to their conversations. They were all thinking about the same things. They were all wondering what was going on, and what was going to happen. They stayed in Megan's huge house for the rest of the evening, but when dust fell, they all went their separate ways, that is, except for Megan and Anne. Megan decided to keep Anne as close to her as possible. She decided it would be safer for the bother of them, not to mention more comforting…

Anne's mother was in her dreams again. She was walking around… with the baby. And someone else was there, but she just couldn't remember the face, it was shadowy, and it seemed like it was far away, and blurry. As Anne looked at her surroundings, she noticed tiny things that she had not noticed before. She saw that there were small clouds everywhere. But for some reason they were not like the other clouds in her world… they were quite different. They were small and gray, small and unhappy. They weren't soft and fluffy, like most clouds. Instead, they had sharp jagged edges. Also, there was no ground. There was just empty space, and the humans, well spirits really, floated. Anne suddenly found that although she was not actually in the strange world, she could look around and, well, explore. As Anne peered about, she saw that this place was cold and barren. There was nothing. Then she saw the other individual walking towards her. It was strange. It could walk on the clouds. As she looked at it, she noticed it was a man. And he was limping and hobbling. As he came closer, she noticed his body. It was covered in horrible burns and scars. His arms were scalded, but worst of all, his hands and feet were bloody. As he came even nearer, she could see his dark brown hair and his eyes, auburn brown in color, materialized out of the darkness. His eyes consumed her thoughts. They were filled with pain and misery. As she looked at him, she knew. She realized who "he" was. "He" was Eddie.

Anne woke up with a start.

"Oh no." she thought.

"Megan! Meg?" Anne said, starting to become hysterical.

"Yeah? Hon, what's wrong?"

"Ed! Oh my gosh! He is, was, oh! I gotta go see him! I gotta make sure he's O.K…"

"Anne, it's 12:35! He won't be awake!"

"Please." Anne said this in a way that frightened Megan. The urgency in her voice was scary and unbearable to stand. The two girls quickly set off to Eddie's house. Neither knew what was to come. One was confused, and the other was frantic with worry for the other. As they ran, they could smell something burning. It was a horrible smell.

As Anne, the faster of the two, rounded the corner to Ed's house, she stopped dead in her tracks, and let out a piercing scream.

"Anne, what is it?" yelled Megan as she hurried to catch up. But then Megan saw it too. There was Eddie. He was hopefully on his way to a better place. His body was charred, and the cross was still bearing flames. It was the cross, the huge one, from the St. Peters Church. Instead of being used to pronounce glory, this time it was used to show suffering and evil. Someone, or something had nailed Eddie's body onto the cross, and set it a flame. Both Meg and Anne reflected. And when they thought, they could almost picture him, during his crucifixion. They thought how he must have felt when the flames were enveloping his body. That's when the two of them realized what the horrible smell was. It was indeed the smell of burning flesh.