Little boy lost in the rain
His breath hanging in the air
Running down cobblestone streets
His life no longer fair

Flitting here and there
Unseen by the crowd
He doesn't want them to see him
So he whispers not a sound

Little boy lost in the rain
Tears stained on his cheeks
From the rain or from his eyes
Both of them are rather bleak

Farther and farther he tries to run
Escaping from the world
Where will he go? Where will he hide?
Where his dreams won't be unfurled

Once was more but now is less
That is how it seems
Only to him as he strays away
Only something in his dreams

One dream he had is rather nice
He always wore a smile
A petty dream of love and desire
If only it lacked the guile

Like a dream he tries so hard
To simply fade away
Like smoke in the air from a fire
No longer wanting to stay

I wonder if they know
How blessed that boy was
His smile would always light up the room
A smile without flaws

Little boy lost in the sun
Tears missing from his face
A new hope set in his heart
No longer without saving grace
No longer smoke without a trace

"Once was lost but now am found
T'was blind but now I see"

For Lucas.