Your hand is like ice,
Just like my heart.
I can't hear your voice,
Can't listen to your song.

I can no longer hear your laughter,
The very thing that caused happiness to me.
You're gone now,
And I can only hang my head in shame.

Is it my fault,
That you left me?
Wasn't I good enough,
Didn't I sacrifice it all?

I'm all alone,
I miss you so. It's been so long,
Since last I spoke to you.

I feel so empty,
So dead inside.
My heart is black,
Hid behind walls.

I've locked the key,
Retreated within.
Don't want to be hurt,
I'll live in my self-made paradise.

It's better than being out here,
Where the world is going mad.
The people are so sickening,
I just want to weep.

Can't you people see,
That you're causing your own doom?
You'll bring upon your end,
And there's nothing I can do.

Maybe I'll just sit here,
Watch like I always do.
What's the point,
When I can't help at all?

Everyone's lost their way,
Their path to light.
They've lost their faith,
And time cannot be undone.