Unlikely Events

Chapter One: Just a normal Friday.

Author's Note: This is just something that I've been writing out of boredom. The main character is basically me and most of the people in this story are people that I know. I'm just using myself and them, and placing them in this fantasy story.

I sighed quietly to myself, raising a gloved hand to rake it through my multicolored hair as I stared out the window. School was so boring, but I was glad that this was my last year. I was tuning out the teacher, but it wasn't like he had anything really important to say. I sighed quietly again, and tore my gaze reluctantly from the window to glance over at the clock. I nearly sighed yet again, but it would have been in relief. Only one more minute. I glanced briefly at the teacher who had finally stopped talking and was sitting at his desk, before I glanced out the window again.

When the bell finally rang, it was to my greatest relief. I gathered my stuff and stood, slinging my back pack over my shoulder as I filed out of the classroom. Thankfully, that had been the last class of the day and so I made my way thankfully to my locker. After a few moments, I paused in front of it, entering the combination and swinging the locker open. I busied myself with switching my books and such and eventually closed my locker. I blinked when I saw a grinning Hailey standing right next to me. She must have somehow snuck up on me while I was distracted. I couldn't help but frown slightly, but nonetheless, I raised an eyebrow at her in questioning.

"Gabsis, do you know what today is?" She tilted her head at me, still grinning as she patiently waited for me to respond. I blinked slowly, trying to figure out what she was getting at. I then nearly slapped my forehead at my silliness. Today was Friday, which meant the weekend was here.

"Yeah, it's Friday. So..?" I murmured, shrugging and moved past her to begin walking, heading down the stairs. She shook her head and followed after me, still trying to get something across to me.

"It's the weekend. We've got do something. I mean, we haven't done anything together and had fun in like forever. By the way, are you all right?" She peered at me worriedly, careful not to trip down the stairs. I blinked, raising an eyebrow at her again.

"I'm fine, why? Oh and we could probably do something Saturday, I guess? Maybe go to the mall or see a movie, or both." I shrugged and entered the hallway, heading to the door that lead outside. Hailey sighed, still trotting after me.

"Are you sure that you're okay, Gabrielle? I mean, you've been acting a little different lately. Almost as if you were distracted or something was bothering you…" She frowned, worry showing clearly in her eyes as she peered at me. I blinked again, a little confused and surprised. Hailey hardly ever called me by my full name. It was normally 'Gabs' or 'Gabsis' or some other nickname she had for me. So, when she said my full name, I knew she was serious.

"Really? I hadn't noticed. I'm fine, really. There's no need to worry… though, I appreciate that you care. I don't know what I would do without you, sis," I said, finally smiling at her as we walked down the stairs. She couldn't help but smile back, still not convinced I was okay, but she knew better than to press me for details. If something was bothering me and I didn't want to talk about it, there was nothing anyone could do to get it out of me, unless I spilled on my own. I whipped out my cell phone, pressing the on button as I took the last step and then went through the doors, moving through the hall of the fourth building before exiting the building with Hailey.

"Hey, can I catch a ride with you today? Jack has band practice," Hailey said, looking up from her own cell phone that she had checked, seeing if she had text messages. I nodded and dug around for my car keys before taking them out. I glanced at my phone and checked it and then smiled at the text flashing across the screen. It was from Alex, the silly boy. It read, 'I love you, hun. 3' I quickly texted a response and then tucked my phone away after closing it. My mother had eventually taught me to drive back in my junior year and I now had my license thanks to driver's education.

Hailey followed after me, telling me about my day but I tuned her out without even realizing. Hailey was right. I had been distracted lately, but something was tugging at me, urging me to do something. What it wanted me to do, I wasn't sure and it was making me uneasy. I shook my head and unlocked the car and Hailey and I got in. It was a black car, of course. Not a firebird, but it was still nice. I'd get my firebird eventually. Hailey buckled in her seat belt and glanced at me while I did mine.

"Gabz, do you sense something wrong is going to happen? Is that why you've been so distracted?" She tried again, showing concern on her features. I sighed and started the car and pulled out of the senior parking lot. "I'm not quite sure, Hailers. It's just… I've been feeling weird lately. I'm sure it's just me not getting enough sleep or something." Hailey's expression lightened and she laughed. "Maybe if you didn't spend so much time on the phone with Alex and on the computer, you'd get more sleep at night!" She teased and leaned forward in her seat to the turn on the radio, flipping to our favorite station. I merely shrugged in response and focused on driving, heading to her house.

"Tomorrow, we should go to the movies. How about that? Then later on, we can go to the mall. I have some extra cash to spend. Also, maybe you should spend the night. We could rent some more movies or something," I said, flicking my gaze briefly to her. I then looked back to the road, tapping my black painted nails against the wheel of my chair as I waited for her response. She glanced at me, tilting her head before grinning at me. "That sounds like a plan, Gabz!" She exclaimed before falling silent as she focused on her cell phone. She must have gotten a text message.

It didn't seem like too long before I finally pulled up in front of her house. She smiled at me, unbuckling the seatbelt. "Thanks for the ride, Gabz. I'll call you or something tomorrow, so you know the plans are still on. See ya!" She said before opening the door and getting out, then closed it behind her and waved to me. I nodded and waved back, before pulling away and started heading home. I instantly realized that I missed her company and sighed, leaning over to turn the music up further. It was one of my favorite songs. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. I started singing along, trying to distract myself from the bitter loneliness that was threatening to overcome me.

I kept singing along to the songs that would come on the radio, still trying to pass the 30 minute drive home. Eventually, I pulled into the driveway and parked the car next to mom's. I shut it off and grabbed my backpack and got out of the car. I closed the door behind me, tucking my keys into my pocket, backpack slung over my shoulder. I lazily made my way up the stairs and then opened the door. As soon as I got in, that damned dog of my mother's started barking at me and my mother came out of her room to see what the fuss was.

"Ah, you're home. Did you have a good day?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest as she watched me. I shrugged and moved past her, going to my room to drop of my bag in my room and then got to feeding my rabbit, bird, and turtles. "It was okay. I'm glad it's over with. Is it okay if Hailey and I go to the movies and then the mall and then her spending the night? We'll be quiet." I paused, glancing at her once I was done feeding the animals. She shrugged and sat down on the couch, turning on the television set. "Sure, why not. I'm not paying." I sighed and raked a hand through my hand, finally taking off my senior I.D. "'Kay. I'll be in my room if you need me." She nodded and I trudged back in to my room, closing the door behind me. I hopped down in my computer chair after turning the television in my room on. I turned my computer on and tapped my nails against the desk, waiting for the computer to load.

After a few moments, I typed in my password and then had to wait again for my computer to load again. I sighed and then signed on my instant messengers and checked my mail. Before I could continue, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. Thinking it was a text message, I didn't grab it at first. But then when it kept vibrating, I realized someone was calling me. I dug it out and flipped it open, holding it to my ear. "Hello?"

"YO! It's Sach!" I then smiled and laughed quietly. "I think I can recognize your voice, Sach. There's no point in telling me who you are." I heard her huff playfully from the other side of the phone. "Oh, Elly, be nice!" It wasn't very often that Sach called, we mostly talked on the internet or texted. So, there must have been a reason she had called. "Is there something you needed?" I asked, arching an eyebrow. I heard her hesitate before answering. "Yeah, there is. Don't you have a break coming up? Christmas break?" I nearly slapped myself in the forehead. Another thing I had forgotten. Christmas was coming up and so was my nineteenth birthday. "Yeah, I do. It's not next week, but the next. Why?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh, okay. Good. I was wondering if you think you could come up and visit. Also, it might give you a chance to visit Adra as well!" She said slyly, teasing me. I shook my head with a quiet chuckle. "I'll see what I can do." I could tell Sach was grinning from the other side of the phone. "Okay. Good. Just wanted to check." I laughed quietly again. "Is that all you wanted?" I asked, turning in my chair to glance at the television absently. "Yeah. I'll talk to you online. Bye!" Before I could say goodbye, she had already hung up. I shook my head and closed my phone, setting it on my computer desk. Yeah, what a lovely day.

Author's Notes: How was that for a first chapter? I'm still in progress of writing this.