A/N OK. So this is not the first poem I wrote but I decided to post this one first. It just pretty much tells about how much I love someone. Please review. I'm new.

You're My Everything

I would do anything for you.

As long as it made you happy I'd do it.

I'd climb mountains,

Cross oceans,

And walk miles.

Just for you.

I love you

I'd give all the stars to you.

If I could.

I'd pick all the flowers in the world for you.

If I could.

If I could name the stars on all the reasons why I love you, I would.

It's just to bad there aren't enough.

I would.

If I could.

But I can't

Because I'm not perfect.

That's the difference between you and me.

In my eyes you have no faults.

Although in your eyes you're probably far from perfect.

But to me you're everything.

You're my everything.

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