I don't need them.
But something tells me I do.

I see them walk past.
They're smiles hardly reach my inside.
I've created a hardened expression
That I shoot their way.

They don't smile at me again.

And when they speak,
I keep my head bowed,
Like the Christian I'm not.
And put on my hardened shell.

I escape the conversation with quick ease.
It's a talent I've developed over time.

But in the end
They keep throwing smiles my way

I guess I get away with it
Not responding

You can guess how.
If you don't know,

Just ask them.

A/N: So I'm not going to say much about this, except that it's more for myself, but I'd still love your critic. I quickly read this over and decided that it was more angsty than I've been in a few years. Oh wells :D