AN: This story came about while text messaging my girlfriend one day. We were to meet up to hang out and I told her I needed directions. She jokingly told me to use my spidey senses and I suggested use of the bat signal. She joked about setting up a Jer-Bear signal and from there this story was born. This one is officially dedicated to Stephanie (as she would say, DUH!). Or as I would say, lol I dunno babe!

The bustling city of Arche seemed darker than usual that night. Not even the brightest of lights seemed to pierce through the thick fog as the temperature dropped even further. Visibility was at an all-time low, perfect for the lowlifes of the city.

Crime after crime was being committed that night, the local thugs certain no harm could befall them. Cars were hijacked and driven out of sight before the victims could blink. People beaten and bloodied and left for dead hidden out of sight. The kind of night that gave every vigilante nightmares for weeks. But none of these criminals were as bold or as vicious as the Warrant Boys.

The Warrant Boys were your typical lawbreaking scumbags in the fact that they were always running around breaking laws. But what separated them from the rest was their absolute love for criminal activity. They constantly bragged about their numerous encounters with the law and every night was spent collecting more questionable acts for their criminal records. The three delinquents caused nothing but trouble for the boys in blue and tonight was no different. But tonight they had a secret weapon up their sleeve.

"Is it ready?" the chief of police questioned.

"Ready to fire away boss!"

"Good, I want those Warrant Boys here and locked up by midnight! Turn it on!"

The chief of police flicked a switch on their newest secret weapon causing it to shine brightly, even through the thick clouds and heavy mist of the city. High in the night sky shone a symbol of righteousness, a symbol of hope: a teddy bear.

"Alright, now that the Jer-Bear Signal is on and functional, all we have to do is wait for him to arrive!"

Elsewhere in the city, Jerry and his girlfriend Stephanie were in the middle of looking at Rhubarb on the sidewalk when Jerry looked up and saw the teddy bear looming overhead. Knowing immediately what it meant, he began to rush off.

"Jerry, what about the park?" Stephanie yelled after him.

"We'll have to go to the wilderness another time!" Jerry yelled back.

"Do you need my help?"

"I'll let you know!"

Jerry rushed back to his house and stood in front of his mirror. Spinning like a ballerina, the mirror warped and he walked through into the secret Jer-Bear lair. He rushed over to the closet and hurriedly changed into Arche's greatest superhero: Jer-Bear! He stood tall and proud in his fluffy brown teddy bear costume and growled loudly, waking the neighbors from their deep slumber. Quickly refreshing his one-liners, he hopped into the Taxi Cub and drove to the police headquarters.

"Jer-Bear! Thank goodness! We've got a doozy on our hands this time!"

"Lay it on me" Jer-Bear growled.

"Warrant Boys are on a destructive kicking rampage! If you don't help us out, I'm afraid that there will be no more motel doors left in the city!"

"Say no more...well, except where your intel says they'll be next."

"Sources point to the Quality Inn down by the river."

"I'm on it chief!"

As he turned to run out the door, a peculiar sight caught his eye. A shadowy figure stood waiting in the doorway, blocking his exit. He couldn't make out who was standing there for the life of him, but he could tell it wasn't a Warrant Boy and they didn't look friendly.

A.N.: Who's standing in the doorway? Will Jer-Bear successfully stop Warrant Boys? Stay tuned for Chapter 2! Yes, there will be a chapter two...and maybe the kids will be in it!