A young boy sat in the corner, watching the other kids play and have fun. The boy kept blaming himself for why he didn't go play with them. There was one thing wrong with him that he blamed himself for. The boy was invisible.

The boy's name was Andrew Parker. He was twelve years old and had blond hair and hazel eyes. Andrew was at Young Teens Summer Camp. This was where it all happened.

Andrew stared at the other kids in the camp. They all looked so happy and carefree. But they couldn't see the sad kid in the corner. No one seemed to even wonder day after day where Andrew had gone.

No one, not even the counselors, seemed to even care if he was gone. Andrew wanted to become visible, but he didn't know how. Perhaps if he went over his memory of the incident, he might find the cure.

Andrew sneaked out of the cabin late on the fifth day of camp. He and all the other campers were told to stay in their cabins unless with their counselors. Andrew broke that rule.

He ran to the abandoned building. He and everyone else were told to stay away from that building. Rule number two: broken.

Andrew looked inside. It seemed to be a library. He stepped inside and pulled to the side. Green liquid started growing from the floor. Andrew climbed to the top of the closest shelf.

The liquid covered the floor. Andrew looked for an escape. The shelves were close enough to jump across. Andrew jumped from his shelf to the next one. It was simple. He jumped once, and then again. He came to the last shelf and he looked down.

An area of the floor had no green liquid on it. Andrew started debating whether to jump or not. He jumped. When he landed, he expected that green liquid would engulf him but nothing happened.

All of a sudden, Andrew started to slide. He slid downwards and hit the ground. He seemed to be in the basement of the library. He looked down and short hall. At the end of the hall, there was a door with writing. Andrew walked down the hall to read the words. They read:

Beyond this door lives something new

Something that will be unlocked because of you

Beyond the door could make you glad

Or make you especially sad

Fifth Day

Tenth Way

Tenth Day

Fifth Way

Andrew winced at the thought of what was behind the door. Andrew was about to turn back when he found that he was opening the door.

Inside was a mess. Things were cluttered everywhere. In the corner, there was a cage. Andrew walked over to it. Inside the cage was a turtle. It didn't look like something new. On the wall was a list of things. Tenth way and fifth were the same things: Touch the cage. Andrew stuck his hand out to touch the turtle, trying to avoid touching the cage, but his hand hit the cage anyways.

A flash of green light came quickly and dimmed till it was nothing. Andrew was standing in the yard of the library. He didn't know what had happened. But he did know one thing. If he didn't get back to the cabin immediately, he would be in big trouble.

When Andrew got to the door of his cabin, he opened it and ran inside. Everyone was awake, but no one even looked at him. Andrew turned to where his bed was, but the covers were gone. It was as if he never went there. His stuff wasn't there, either.

What was happening? Out of anger and confusion, Andrew ran towards a camper and knocked him against the wall. Andrew knew that they saw him but then something happened. The area around him oozed downwards and came back up.

Andrew was standing next to his bed and the camper he attacked was right where he was before. Something weird was going on. Andrew turned to the door…and turned right in front of the cabin counselor.

Andrew waved his hand in front of counselor's face. The counselor seemed like it wasn't there. Andrew then figured it out. He couldn't be seen by anyone. He was invisible.

That was all Andrew could remember. For the next couple of days, he just sat in the corner watching all the activities when the campers were there and the walls when the room was empty.

'Think, Andrew, think!' Andrew thought. How could he change back to normal? There had to be a way. Andrew thought once more about his experience. Then it struck him. The poem on the door and the list were it.

Fifth Day

Tenth Way

Tenth Day

Fifth Way

Andrew's eyes shot to the calendar. Today was the tenth day of camp! Hope bubbled up inside him. He could change back! But he wanted to take someone. How?

Andrew wrote the letter very neat. He dropped it on the bed of Charlie Mister. This was a very mean and nasty kid who bullied others. One thing he liked to do best was to break the rules.

Around ten o'clock, Charlie showed up. Andrew was waiting for him and put sticks on the ground so Charlie knew where to go. As soon as Charlie and Andrew stepped inside, the ooze started flowing up from the ground. Charlie climbed up the shelves with Andrew following.

Everything that Andrew had done, Charlie did. Now they were in the messy room. Andrew walked over to the cage and touched it. Nothing happened. What was wrong?

An idea popped into Andrew's head. He had to give the invisibility to someone else. Andrew put his remaining sticks one to ground next to the next to the cage. Charlie walked over and put his hand near the cage…

Andrew wasn't going to wait a long time for Charlie to touch the cage. He grabbed his arm and the two boys touched the cage at the same exact time. There was a green flash.

Andrew woke up in his bed at home. Was it just a dream? Andrew looked around and he was glad that he wasn't at the awful camp. He could see that he was visible. For now.