I give you the first Addie and Tria drabble, the second soon to follow, probably some time next week. This one is Addison when he first saw Tria, the next will be when Tria first saw Addison. Not when they first met, that one will be third, but when they see each other.

It's a drabble, so it's supposed to be short. Don't get annoyed at me for it. You are warned.

Happy reading.

Time Frame: Mid to late August, the first week of their senior year of high school (I start between August 15th and August 21st) Approximately nine months before Addie and Tria.

At First Sight: Addison

"Add, did you do the homework for Italian?"

I glanced up from the book in my lap, raising a brow at my best friend. "You didn't?"

Claire shrugged carelessly. "Craig and I had a date last night, and it ran a little longer than I thought it would. I came home to shower and change, and then came to school."

I stared at her for a moment before I shook my head slowly. "Something I didn't need to know. You could've just said no, you're aware of that right?" I said, opening my backpack and grabbing the black spiral notebook on top. I tossed it to her. "There you go."

"Grazie," she chirped, flipping the cover open and beginning to scan its contents.

"Siete benvenuto," I returned. My attention when back to my book, and, within moments, I was falling back into the battle I'd been in the middle of reading about. I'd read about half a page when Claire spoke up, pulling me back again.

I looked up, about to answer her question, when my gaze landed on someone a short distance behind her. My words were immediately forgotten as my gaze roamed over his body. He was slim, six foot three body long and lean. Pale skin was a stark contrast to his short black hair, as well as the dark eyes that were currently scanning the quad. He wore a pair of dark wash jeans and a black T-shirt with a band logo I didn't recognize on it.

As he turned, I caught sight of the silver bar through his left ear, but attention was quickly drawn to the tattoo I could see on the back of his neck. It was obviously the extension of something that went down his back, and looked like some sort of tribal design. I was curious to see the rest of it, though I doubted I ever would.

He was, overall, quite attractive, and the sort of guy I was normally attracted to. Rarely, if ever, had I been attracted to the 'good boy' persona, like me.

"Add? Are you even listening to me?"

I blinked, and swallowed hard. "No," I said honestly, eyes not straying from the sight behind her.

"What's so firmly… ooh," Claire said, looking behind herself. "No wonder you stopped listening to me."


"Got some bad news for you though, Add. His list of bed partners, quite extensive actually, is all female."

I sighed and pulled my gaze away. "No surprise there," I said with a shrug, half-heartedly attempting to start reading again.

"That's Tria Montrose, just for the record. Moved here in June. He's been the talk of the gossip mill for a while, and is about tied with you for his supposed promiscuousness."

That surprised me. I'd been carefully cultivating a reputation with females of my age group for three years, since freshman year, though I'd never actually slept with any of them. My parents wouldn't tolerate me being gay, but they loved to hear I was popular with women. "And he's only been here since June?"

"Yup. So, he's either a completely man-whore, or he's hiding something, like you."

Against my will, my eyes strayed back to him, watching as he spoke to the senior girl leading him around. She was one of the more popular girls, and soaking up the attention he seemed to be giving her. I shook my head after a moment. "No, I think he's as straight as his repertoire says he is."

Claire gave me a sad look. "Sorry Add, but I think you're right."

I flashed her a quick smile. "At least he's nice eye candy, yeah?"

She laughed. "There's that."

If anyone is curious, translations, and easily guessed, but I figured I ought to post them anyway:

Grazie: Thank you.

Siete benvenuto: You are welcome.

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