Moonlight Séance

Through the moonlight night,
To the place where spirits roam,
Through the fairy's wood.

Into the land of
The beautiful creatures.
Of dancing lights.

Delving through moonlight,
Crossing the astral void,
Leaping the river,

To find her lover,
Trapped, in hunters great hall.
The Summerlands.

Searching the trackless
Realm, she finds her dear lost love
Asleep on the grass.

Awakening him,
To greet him in his slumber
With loving embrace.

Receiving the love
She knew so dearly before
He left for beyond.

To hear his loving
Words that mend her shattered soul,
"Carry on my Dear,

"You'll have peace when you
Lay your weary head to rest.
Don't you cry no more"

With those last words
Her eye lids opened to the
squealing alarm clock.

If you didnt get it out of the title, then it is roughly based off of the song "moonlight sonata" by Beethoven. playing it while reading makes for beautiful accompanyment.