I'm falling in darkness.

Hey, wake up!

Death and Despair surround me.

Are you okay?

I don't want to live

Hey, is she alive?

I don't want to be living. Go Away.

Bro, if she's not alive, I don't want to get blamed.

Why won't they leave me? Everyone else I care about does.

I'm getting out of here. You call the cops, I'm gonna split.

Where am I?

Fine, you chicken out, I'm staying to see if she's all right.

What happened to me?

The voice moves closer, and I hear the whisper of coarse fabric on the ground. Suddenly, air is forced into my lungs. I cough violently and water comes out in a burst. In an instant, air fills my lungs and I realize that I do want to live.
I cough some more and try to sit up.

Two arms pick me up and I feel myself carried a distance until I'm set down onto a bench. I can't stop the coughing or the nasty tasting water that I seem to have an unending supply of somewhere inside.
A hand pats me on the back gently and hesitantly as though I were a delicate piece of china. I spit out the last bit of water and take in gulps of salty, fishy-smelling air.

As the darkness I've just come out of recedes into merely a memory, I hear the sound of seagulls around me, and the whoosh of the tide coming in.
It's about 5:00, I surprise myself by thinking, and then I realize that I can feel where the sun is by its heat on my face.

"Are you okay?", a deep voice asks gently. "I think you've tried to swallow the sea."
"Yeah, well usually the sea is smaller", I say in a voice that seemed to be hoarse and wavery.
"Here, let's get you some help. Can you walk?"
"I think so", I say in a small voice.
I try to look around and see where I am, but everything is dark. "I can't see", I say in a panicked voice.
"Maybe you should open your eyes, I'm told it's easier to see that way." said the voice of my rescuer.
"Oh." I say in an even smaller voice than before. I rubbed my eyelids, and was startled to see (or feel) that they were covered in a crusty substance I could only hope was salt.

I opened my eyes but still couldn't see anything at all.
"Better now?" asked the voice.
"Not really," I said in a perfectly calm voice. "I can't see a thing."

Despite my calm facade, internally I was in turmoil.

Frantically I tried to figure out what was happening until it became to much, and I gave up.

I felt the world around me shift, and then the darkness hovering in my memory suddenly pounced and reclaimed me.