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Jaydn grinned at the woman opposite him.

"Well sis, shall we dance?" His sister lunged at him almost before he finished speaking.
"I guess that answers my question," he said resignedly.

He parried and his sister flew backwards to land on her feet several yards away. She dropped the Glamour that kept her looking human, to reveal what she truly looked like.

When the Glamour was completely gone, it revealed a woman, about 5' 11", who wore a leather halter top, with straps crisscrossing across her stomach to a leather skirt slit up to the waist.

All along her right leg were cheetah spots, seemingly a tattoo, but it wasn't. It showed that this woman was a Demon, 2nd class. The spots extended up her side, and went up her shoulder and neck. Her face was clear of the markings though.

She seemed disappointed to see her brother's lack of reaction, but recovered quickly. "Don't you wish you had joined the Demons when they offered?" she taunted with a seductive smile.

Jaydn smiled. "Nope! Sorry Lena. Evil doesn't really suit me. And you KNOW how vain I am. I can't do anything that would make me look bad."

Lena gaped at him. "You mean this cowardice and running from both the other Angels and the Demons makes you look good?"

Jaydn gave a pained grimace. "It keeps my head on my shoulders at least."

Lena tossed her head and sighed.
"You always were a Momma's boy." She said in a condescending voice.
Jaydn's face tightened.
"Don't you dare bring Mom into this. She's dead. You shouldn't bring up things that are behind us."

Lena laughed.
"You mean you still love her, and that you don't want me, a Demon, even saying her name. You know our Dad is a Demon. Even if you don't choose to acknowledge him, it doesn't change what blood runs through your veins."
Jaydn's face became stony.
"That man," he spat, voice full of loathing.
"That man is not my father. He doesn't mean anything to me. I would kill him easier than I would kill a bug."

Lena's lips lifted slightly.
"Now now! That's not very Angelic behavior!"
Jaydn snorted. "Since when do I follow any rules I don't want to?"
Lena nodded.
"True. True." she said, inclining her head slightly towards her older brother.

She shifted her weight to the balls of her feet, and crouched low on the ground.
"But Brother dear, we really should be concentrating on doing what I came here for. I mean, you know how I have to do these things right."
With those words, she sprang into the air, snarling viciously.

Jaydn shook his head sadly. "Will she never learn?" he said softly to himself.

He unsheathed his sword in one smooth arc and held it horizontally in front of him.

The sword hummed. Without even seeming to move, he brought the sword up, and stabbed his sister through the heart.

Lena twisted around and landed on her feet behind Jaydn.
She sighed and looked around in annoyance, seemingly fine except for the wound through the chest.

She stared at her brother with what looked like affection for a moment, then sighed, and looked toward the windows shedding light into the bar.

"You know Brother, he won't like this at all. Not one bit."

Jaydn grinned and said "I'm kinda counting on that."

Lena frowned and turned to her brother slowly. "Why would you want to do something like that? I mean, you may be cowardly, but," she paused and looked at her hands, slowly turning to dust, and swirling in a breeze.

"You're not stupid Jaydn." she finished, looking him straight in the eye.

"Why would you want to do something that will get you killed?" She asked him in confusion. "Maybe I don't want to live." said Jaydn, his voice suddenly tired and slightly hoarse.

Lena smiled sadly. "You know he won't let you die. He wants you on his-I mean our side. And you know whatever Lucifer wants, Lucifer gets. After all, he is the Devil, King of Hell."

She walked over to his side while she still could move, and kissed his cheek softly. "I'll miss you brother. Even though this isn't death, not a true death at least, I have to go back to him now. And when I do, I'll be under his spell completely again. I have a few moments of clarity while my essence dissolves. It purifies and condenses what's left of my goodness. But he'll put me back together again. He always does."

Jaydn nodded gravely. "I understand." he said, voice

Jaydn sighed as her essence finished dissolving. He missed his little sister.
Not the tortured soul controlled by Lucifer, but the little girl who used to love to build sand castles with her older brother at the beach near their parent's summer home.
e smiled sadly. He may never get her back.
Not really.

Suddenly, a pain shot through Jaydn's body. He doubled over with the pain. What could this be?

Lena hadn't even touched him, much less wounded him badly enough for him to feel like this! The pain came yet again, searing and hot, piercing and cold. He gasped with the intensity of it. There was only one thing it could be. The Tsurya was dying.

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