A Very Roadhouse Pine Tree Day

Well… It's that time of year. You know, the one where all these gifts are being given? Well, when bored I was thinking what would happen if the Roadhouse caught some holiday spirit?

Now, not all of these are the best, but they're not meant to be amazing! Just make you smile. Now, I warm you, if you aren't from the Roadhouse, you probably won't understand what's goin' on…

Sorry 'bout that.

Hope you enjoy these~

Caecilia Bellz [FTW/Cae]

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Coming next: either I'm Dreaming of Another Mod, Silent Night (No More Roadhouse), the Night Before the Beer Run... Or whatever the hell else I can think up ;D

Also, we now have a Roadhouse C2!

"Roadhouse: Where Everyone Knows Your Name... Unfortunately..."