One morning in the backyard a dog was asleep for over a day as she haven't been able to do so nights prior due to a strange phenomena. That night the dog was ready to go to sleep while her owners were away in Las Vegas, as it happens a chair suddenly rise up and there it sat a ghost of Jimmy Hoffa. Seeing a ghostly figure of someone she have never seen before, the dogs starts to bark loudly that it woke up the entire neighborhood. After receiving threats from several angry people who were trying to sleep, the ghost disappears but the chair remains that frightens the dog so much it led to her insomnia.

One day her owners returned from their vacation in Las Vegas when they notice their dog didn't eat the pile food they have left for her.

"What do you think is wrong with her Michael?" asked one of the owners

"I know what might have happen, maybe Nadroj have seen the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa!" Michael answered

"No wonder why you're suspended from the police force, come to think of it why did you name our dog something stupid?"