Michael just found a skeleton, could it be?

"Could it be?" wondered Michael in amazement in his gruesome find before running back into the house and starts calling the news media about his discovery. Not long after some news vans arrives and starts to report a story of a discovery of skeletal remains in a backyard. After seeing what happened, Nadroj became sad and was ready to go back into the house when Hoffa's ghost appears for the final time.

"It's okay, if it haven't been for you no one would've find my body, I like to thank you for what you have done, see ya!" as he disappears

"Is that Jimmy Buffet?" asked one of the reporters after seeing the ghost shortly before it disappears

"I don't know, just caught a glimpse, maybe it is him, I hate his songs..." said Michael before being cut off by another one of the reporters attacking him with barrage of questions on who it might've been

"Good thing Sarah is at work," thought Michael before continuing "She wouldn't be happy about this, especially ever since her divorce."

Meanwhile just outside the home Jimmy Hoffa shakes his head and said, "I should've been more careful, oh well," before floating into wherever he's going now that it's finally over.
After the skeleton was taken away by the forensics examiners, the media eventually leaves and for the first time in few days Nadroj's finally been able to sleep at peace.

"That reminds me!" remembers Michael, "It's time to visit Larry..." and starts to head off to Larry's house.

Not quite the end, the sequel will be on it's way!