The Minor Fall and the Major Lift

By Kcqueen13

I showed up fifteen minutes early wearing a long black dress and a witch's hat. Kelly and Eliza were already taking shots, despite the fact that the party hadn't even started yet, but when Kelly spotted me her jaw dropped. "You are not wearing that!"

She ran over to me and latched onto my arm, dragging me up the stairs towards her bedroom. Along the way we passed her older brother Keiran's room, from which Nirvana was being blasted. "Keiran!" she screamed, banging on the door. "Turn it down! No one wants to hear your crap music!" The volume decreased slightly, and Kelly seemed appeased.

"I like Nirvana," I said defensively, and she just rolled her eyes and pushed me into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

"You have like two minutes to get ready," she said, rushing towards her closet and digging through countless miniskirts and dresses. She was already wearing a black mini and tube top with car ears and heels. "Okay, red mini and red halter top, red heels, and devil ears!"

She through her clothing at me and ran to her dresser, where she found red fishnets and a black push-up bra for me. "Thank God we're practically the same size," she mumbled.

"Why do you even own red fishnets and devil ears?" I asked in confusion as I stripped down.

"Shut up. You good?" she asked, gesturing to the clothes. I nodded and threw the admittedly hideous dress on the ground. "Trust me, you'll thank me later. You know that Jacob will, too." Her eyes gleamed in humor as she referenced a particularly cute guy at school who had been noticing me lately. "You don't owe me, though. As your best friend, I won't expect anything in return." I changed quickly as Kelly fixed her eyeliner.

"Wait!" I called as she was about to zoom out of the room. "You don't think this'll be too sexy?"

"Keiran?" she shouted, and I quickly adjusted the tights while her brother walked across the hall. His eyes popped out at the sight of me in my get-up. "Too sexy?"

His eyes gleamed in the same way that Kelly's did when she was excited. "Just sexy enough."

"Gross, Keiran, she's like my sister, and therefore like your sister." She pushed him out the door and I heard his music turn back up a moment later.

I looked in the mirror and adjusted my nose stud and tousled my hair a bit. It was showtime. I took a deep breath and made my way to the staircase, surprised at the number of people that had accumulated in the time that I was gone. The blaring music upstairs faded as I descended the stairs, mixing in to the thumping beat of hip hop that was blasting in the living room.

I heard a low, appreciative whistle as I walked over to the drink table. My two other best friends, Eliza and Sarah, were grinning at me.

"Decided to whore-up a bit?" Eliza asked with a grin as she poured me a shot of vodka.

"Kelly decided for me, anyways," I replied as she handed me a red plastic cup. She poured me a shot of vodka and forced me to down it quickly. As she poured me a second I managed to get a good look at their costumes. Eliza was dressed up as a French maid and looked even skankier than Kelly herself, but she could get away with it since it was Halloween. Even sweet Sarah had dressed in a skimpy cheerleader outfit that she probably had last worn in middle school.

I felt a warm pair of hands grab my hips as a low voice whispered in my ear, "Looking good, Molly." I whipped around to see Jacob grinning down at me lecherously. "Feel like dancing?"

"Hang on!" Sarah exclaimed loudly before refilling my cup. "Okay, go ahead." I took the shot and smiled up at Jacob, wondering if tonight was the night I might finally lose my V-card for good. Jacob would certainly be game, there was no denying that. I grabbed Jacob's hand and led him to the dance floor, swaying my hips seductively in time to the music. I had enough experience from parties like this to know just how to tease a guy, but the only thing that hadn't come of it was sex. Most of my friends had long since done it, leaving me and my immaturity behind. It was finally time to take some action.

After a few hot dances Jacob whispered into my ear that he wanted to sit down for awhile. We made our way to one of the couches that had been pushed aside and he offered to go grab drinks. My head was already spinning but he was gone before I could refuse.

Sarah was suddenly seated beside me, curling her legs under her as she leaned in. "So?"

"So what?" I giggled.

"Do you think you'll hook up with Jacob tonight?"

I felt myself blush a little. "I don't know, Sarah."

"Well it's obvious that he likes you. He keeps staring at you like he wants to make a move or something."

"Hopefully," I grinned, and she just shook her head. "I'll go now," she said, and Jacob took her place and handed me a red cup.

"Taylor made some punch thing, so I'm not sure what's in this," he joked. "It's pretty good, though." I took a sip and tasted red Kool-Aid and what were probably three different kinds of alcohol. I took a bigger sip before noticing how close Jacob was sitting to me.

I had heard really good things from other girls who had hooked up with Jacob, and the amount of alcohol I had drunk helped my resolve. I would hook with Jacob, and I would maybe sleep with him, if things got that far.

I repositioned myself so that my back was on the corner of the couch and my legs were lying across his. He started to stroke little circles on my thighs and I closed my eyes and smiled.

"Did I tell you how hot you look tonight," he said softly, and I smiled.

"That was the first thing you said, I think."

"Molly!" Kelly suddenly shouted, and I reluctantly looked over to see what the problem was. "Keiran's being a complete dick. Ask him to turn his music off?"

"Kell…" I tried to telepathically tell her that I needed to be left alone with Jacob for awhile, but she looked so desperate that I couldn't turn her down. "Fine. Be right back," I said to Jacob, and I left him looking a little disappointed on the couch.

This time it was Metallica I heard as I went up the stairs, and when I opened the door I gave him a smirk. He was playing along, and from what I could tell he was doing a pretty good job.

"Hey, Molls." He turned the volume down low and set his guitar beside him. I fell onto the bed next to him and he laughed. "Have a little too much to drink?"

"I'm fine." I smiled up at him and curled up into a ball with my head on his lap. "Keiran?"


"Kelly wants you to turn your music down."

"You love Metallica, though," he defended himself.

"I know, but Kelly does not, and she is kind of throwing a party downstairs right now."

He looked a little guilty. "Look, I'm trying to learn a few songs. I've been working on Hallelujah, you know."

"The Jeff Buckley version so beats everyone else's," I said before grabbing his acoustic and strumming the chords.

"Are you kidding me?" he said after a moment. "You know how to play guitar and you didn't even tell me?" I switched to Jason Mraz and he smiled. "I love 'I'm Yours.'"

I switched back to 'Hallelujah' and Keiran closed his eyes and listened. I began to sing the first verse.

Well I heard it was a secret chord

That David played and it pleased the Lord,

But you don't really care for music, do you?

Well it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth,

The minor fall and the major lift,

The baffled king composing Hallelujah.

Kelly burst into the room just as I was about to reach the chorus and stared in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding me!" She was glaring daggers at us. "You are up here playing God-awful music while a hot boy is downstairs waiting for you to come back?" I set the guitar down and smiled at Keiran before obediently following Kelly.

Just before I reached the door I looked back at him and said, "Come down and join the party."

He rolled his eyes. "Like I want to hang out with a bunch of high schoolers." He turned his music up again and closed his eyes, looking sort of angry.

I stumbled back down the stairs and managed to end up beside Jacob again. He smiled when he saw me, but Eliza pulled me away just before we were able to speak and dragged me towards the dance floor. She threw her arms around my neck and began to dance with me provocatively, and I followed her lead. I felt all eyes in the room watching us but didn't care. I looked over Eliza's shoulder and saw Jacob smiling as he watched me in particular.

After awhile a boy from my Spanish class pulled Eliza towards him to dance, and I walked over to Jacob.

"You looked pretty hot out there," he said, taking a long sip of beer as he stared down at my mouth. I was about to close the gap between us when Sarah came to my side.

"Eliza is getting eaten alive by Robbie," she said loudly, obviously concerned for our friend. I looked over at the couch Jacob and I had once been sitting at and saw a nearly passed out Eliza being mauled by the boy.

"I'll take care of it," I told her, and Jacob came to help me out. He calmed the pissed and drunken Robbie down while I helped Eliza up the stairs into Kelly's bedroom. Just after I had thrown her down onto the bed I heard footsteps behind me and Jacob appeared again.

There was a moment of silence between the two of us, and I felt a bit awkward. "Hey," he said with a small smile as he moved towards me slowly.

"Um, hey," I answered. My balance was slightly shaky, and he held on to my shoulder to keep me upright.

He suddenly leaned down to kiss me, and the explosions and fireworks I had been expecting to feel with him didn't come. I pulled away and looked up at him in confusion. Suddenly the desire to hook up with him had vanished. Who was I kidding? I didn't even like Jacob. Why would I consider sleeping with him? Was I really that desperate?

Eliza's drunken snores in the back helped to finally convince me. I was about to apologize to Jacob for leading him when he kissed me again, this time much harder and with more force. I tried to pull away but he was stronger than me.

"Jacob," I managed to murmur when he moved his mouth to my throat. The sound of 'Tears in Heaven' could be heard faintly in the background. "Jacob, please."

He seemed to take my words as permission, and he kissed me harder, his hands roaming over my back and lifting up my shirt a bit. "Jacob, stop."

Soon my shirt was being pulled over my head, and though I tried to keep it on it was no use. He looked down at my breasts before grabbing at them painfully. I tried to escape his hold over me.

"Jake, please stop," I said, and I could no longer hear the beautiful music. Jacob didn't seem to want to listen, however, and he pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me more fervently while pinning my arms above my head. "Jacob, stop!"

"Everything okay?" Keiran's voice called out, and Jacob immediately pulled away, glancing back with contempt at Kelly's brother. I felt a sudden relief pour through me.

"We're just fine," he responded bitterly, but when Keiran didn't move he shook his head. "I said we were okay."

"It didn't sound like it. It seemed like she was trying to tell you to stop," Keiran said coolly, and Jacob shot me a dirty look.

"Stupid tease." He stormed out of the room, but not before Keiran managed to give him a deadly glare.

Keiran watched me cautiously as I felt a salty tear fall down my cheek. "Are you alright?"

I nodded and picked up the tight red shirt Kelly had given me to wear before sliding down to the ground and letting my tears flow freely. Keiran was by my side in a second, holding me in his arms as I cried. "Thank you," I whispered, and he just sighed. "Hey, Keiran?"


"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" I felt the need to be protected tonight, even though Jacob probably wouldn't be back.

He looked down at me and nodded slowly before taking my hands and pulling me into a standing position. He led me across the hall to his room and offered me an oversized blue t-shirt to wear. He turned his back to me respectfully as I quickly removed the costume and slipped the soft cotton shirt over my head.

"Should I sleep on the floor?" I asked, wiping away some of my tears.

"Don't be stupid," he said kindly, and he pulled me onto his bed and held me against his chest. I cried for a few moments for what could have happened and Keiran let me, comforting me. I eventually pulled my face away from his chest and looked up at him.

"Why are you so good to me?" I asked bluntly, wondering how it was possible two people as different as Jacob and Keiran could exist.

He looked me dead in the eyes for a moment before saying simply, "Because I can't imagine acting any other way to someone as perfect as you."

He was so sincere and so sweet that I couldn't stop myself. I kissed him softly, just for a moment, and he pulled away. "Are you sure?" he asked earnestly, and I replied by kissing him again just as sweetly. I pulled away this time and laid my head on his chest, closing my eyes and feeling the warmth of his body radiate onto mine. This was how we slept that night. It was just me and Keiran, his arms wrapped around me and my head resting on his chest, the sound of his heart beating against my cheek.