Author's note: Well, I figured since I'll be a college freshman come January, I'd better get serious about my writing if being an English major is really what I desire. It's probably not too great, considering it is 5:06 in the morning and I'm not exactly in my right state, but it's something.

Well, I guess my inspiration never really meant anything, anyway,
But it was nice pretending it did at the time.
(Life's always just swell when you use that imagination of yours.)

And I do suppose that everything's been said before,
Just everything's already been spoken, hm?
There's been one before this me's existance
to dwell on that very issue,
so why bother if a me who's already come
has successfully carried out said task?

You always were the optimistic, though,
Or at least I think that's how the saying goes,
When one attempts nostalgia about the terrible past they choose to
Romanticize for the rest of us to scrutinize
And pity.

I think that's why I kept you around for so long,
That optimism I envied so much;
Then again, I think I'd be the epitimy of sunshine, too,
If I was so in love with everything and everyone
To the extent that you were.

Forgive the lack of vulgarity,
But I think you know what I'm
Attempting to get at.

You always were the whore, too.