Oh Mandy

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gaaaay!"

"Yes. You are gay."

"No, I'm not."

"You just said it."

"No, I sang it. There's a difference."

"What's the difference?"

"Well – the difference is that, well, I sang it. I didn't say it."

"You just said that. And I asked what the difference was."

"The difference is that singing and saying aren't the same. If I sing 'I need you today, oh Mandy. You kissed me and stopped me from shaking oh Mandy baby', it won't mean anything."

"Of course it won't."


"Your lyrics are wrong. And you don't know a Mandy. Wait – you don't, do you? I mean, you'd tell me if you're in love with a Mandy, right?"

"Yes – no. Yes. I mean, I don't know a Mandy. And I'm not in love with a Mandy."

"Oh, good – I mean, oh."

"Why are you so concerned if I'm in love with a Mandy?"

"I'm not. What are you talking about – I am so not. Just… if you were, I guess you're not gay."

"Well, I'm not in love with a Mandy, I'm in – I mean, I'm not."

"I see. So she never kissed you either. I mean. So… you are gay."


"Well, since your example doesn't apply…"

"But – I… Argh."

"See? I'm right; there is no difference."

"The difference is that if I were gay, I wouldn't like you so much."



"Oh. Well. It's a good thing you're not gay, then, right?"

"Of course, it's a good thing I – wait, what?"

"Because if you were, you'd totally push me off if I did this."

"… Nobody can push you off if you did that. Kiss me again."

"No way, why should I kiss you again? You're the man here – mmph!"



"Still think I'm gay?"

"Kinda. But at least I know a Mandy never kissed you."

A/N: So that was utterly... weird. Lol. Just giving a different version of fessing up. It doesn't always have to be so hard. You can do it too by simply singing off-key and with the wrong lyrics!:)) To show your appreciation for my wonderful advice, tell me through your reviews!^^

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

- che