The Skinning

They're aloft carefree in a hardwired dream
She caresses his face and he analyzes hers softly
Shining vibrancy of sparkle trees 1 200 DPI
Nestled at last at home, sweet domain www . happinessjoy192760…
Swimming in 10 billion stars (defrag: 8 755 221 905)
A galaxy-bursting kiss but moisture short-circuits
Soft bricked breath swirling and ERROR
Her trembling hands placed gently on his face
As she digs with her nails to no sign of blood
The fingers trace down and with them come skin
A thick plastic mask peeling so easily
Underneath wires with steel and processor
Cold to the touch and to the sight and smell
The dream prints with black ink on glass smashed
Last minute reboot attempt to upload emoter
It collapses-shatters and she does humanly
For that man-shaped analyzer she thought she could read