As the darkness closed in around the living and the breathing, as they scurried home to the safe security of their homes, but as their human hearts beat with the rhythem of sleep, a different breed emerged from the darkness. Children of the night, borne of deathly kiss nd the exchange of lifeblood among the mortal and undead. They have drank from the breast of life, and now nothing less than the sweet crimson milk can sustasin them. They are the immortal... they are Vampires.

"Angel, why do you toy with them?" A spindly youth hissed as a voloptuous yong woman slipped into the shadows, her auburben hair catching the light from the streetlamp and glimmering with an unearthly halo, shrouding her face from the warmth of the lamp.
"Because their fear makes it more enjoyable" Angel replied, smiling devilishly, her green eyes twinkling with an impish secret.
"I know that young one, but sometimes you should simple feed and not spend your time fooling these gullible creatures into thinking they might live." The boy replied.
"Getting soft in your old age, Nathanial?"Angel teased, she bumped her hip againsthis and then wipped a tiny fleck of blood from her lip. She grinned and licked it off her finger, thinking of the crumpled body of that sixteen year old boy she had just fed off of.
"Hardly"Nathanial snorted. Suddenly am sound caught his attention and he motioned for her to move behind him, she did and drifted into the darkness of the alley. Nathanial stared out into the night silently, cursing himself for letting whoever it was get to close to him and his child.
A boy stepped from the seclution of the park and stood, illuminated in the light from the streetlam, looking beyond the bench, behind it to the dead boy Angel had killed. He knealt, his whiteblonde hair falling over her eyes, shrouding his pale face. He reached out his hand and brushed it againt the cold, stiff cheek of the boy, bringing his fingers to his lips he licked the crimson lifeblood from them and stood, his face an unreadable mask. He was gracefull in every sense of the word, his body lithe and youthfull, and his very movements seemed to flow, creating a symphony of actions that pleased the eyes of any who looked upon him. Then he turned and looked directly at Nathanial and Angel, his brown eyes peircing the shadows of the alley. He looked away and walked off into the night.
"What... how did he...?" Angel mumbled as she came to stand beside Nathanial.
"He was a solitary. One of the first of us, he was our kin. Young one, you have yet to gain the ability to recognize your brethren... it will come" He replied.
"I cant believe I didnt recognize it!" Angel scoweled "He had the same hair and aura as an older one... how long do you suppose hes been around...?"
Nathanial furrowed his brow in thought "He was much older than I... he was probably from the early twelfth century..." He mused, his eyes holding respect and admiration.
"Hmph... the first were always solitary" Angel huffed.
"My child, being a solitary is not a bad thing." Nathanial replied, amused as he turned and walked into the dark alley.
"I prefer companionship" Angel mumbled as she followed along.
"Of course you do, I only took you ten years ago, but in time yor preference will change" Nathanial answered, smiling.
"Not my preference for a bit of MALE companionship" Angel laughed, she winked at her elder and grinned her devilish smile again...

He came to the forest, feeling a kinship beetween himself and nature, a sense of bellonging... maybe because his homeland held magnificant forests such as that particular one... His brown eyes traveled lovingly over the old bark of the trees, he touched his hand to their trunks, feeling their pain and age. Their sorrow. Listening to their tales, of the things theyve seen.
He walked upward, his calf and thigh muscles straining with the effort, though it brought him no pain, it brought him satifation, the comfort of having a tierd body move amongst other tierd bodies and feel the tightness in his muscles telling him he was still strong and would forever be. His chest heaved and he breathed heavily, not because he needed breath but because it was a centurys old habit he could not break, and it made him feel more... human... He climbed a high, dirt hill, smiling to himself and smelling the woodsy smell of outdoors. He was headed for a place only he knew about. A tiny gap in the trees, overlooking the entire city where he could sit as the moon rose, and cry his crystal tears, or just... be.
But tonight was different. As he rounded the corner he saw a tiny figure, where he usually sat in the tiny glade. His senses disturbed by the sudden bombarment of human he took a suprized step back. Thankfull that he hadnt made a sound, he paused for a moment, then ventured forward again. He was not afraid of the young girl, more angry with her for suprising him. He stepped up behind a tree and hid in its shadows.
The girl was young, maybe fifteen or sixteen. She had long, cascading white-blonde hair like his own, but hers was natural, while his had come of thousands of years of living death. Her face was up turned towards the moon, her eyes glistening in reflection and her knees were hugged tightly to her chest. She wore a black dress, much more formal than the clothing that the humans of the twentieth century commonly wore. It was more a dress from the mideaval ages. Her stunning beauty shocked him and he found himself oddly breathless. A moment when one who doesnt need to breath, but still does, forgets to do so.
He leaned forward, wanting to get a better look at this captivating girl who had invaded his private sanctuary. Then the girl turned sharply and looked straight into the boys eyes. Her heart beating feaverishly and the blood draining from her face, she gazed into his dark eyes like a frightened deer caught in the oncoming slaughter of a semi.
She quickly scrambled to her feet, hugging her arms around herself, almost as if trying to comfort her soul and calm her racing heart. Her luminous blue eyes flitted behind the boy, afraid of more. She truly did look like a deer, her eyes were big and beutifull and her body was fraile and shaking violently.
But her eyes... they held the youth captive in their swirling orbes, almost as if in a trance,and he gazed back at her with almost the same expression. "Who are you...?"She called out quietly. Her voice was velvety and gentle, but shaking with irrepressible terror.
"What are you doing here?"The boy demanded as he stepped forward. "This place is a secret"
She stared at him, blinking in shock at the deepness and underlying softness of his voice. She seemed to startled to reply, so he repeated his question. "I... I come here during the day... I... came at night..." She mumbled, and looked away, breaking the trance she held the boy in.
"You shouldnt come at night" He said as he stepped into the glow of the moon, it illuminated his masculine body and white blonde hair. "Evil things roam through forests at night..."
"Evil things roam in daylight as well" The girl replied, she turned her head and let her beautifull hair fall in front of her eyes. "Theyre just disguised" Her voice was hushed and her face was hidden, but still he knew what she was thinking. She was aware of his traveling through her mind, exploring her fears, memories and innermost emotions. She could feel him in her body, silent, probing. It frightened her and her heart beat faster, like a drum crashing against her ribcage. She knew he could hear its beat as well.
"Look at me, lovely one"His voice was soothing, a lullaby. She obeyed, not thinking to resist, it didnt even uccur to her. Her gaze slowly traveled up untill her eyes met his, if her heart could have beaten quicker, it would have done so, but if it had her body would convuse into spasmatic tremors and her organs would burst. "You know of the evil things that walk the Earth among you..." His voice continued to lull her and her eyes never left his. "And still you came to the woods in the night... were you not afraid?"
She shook her head slowly, resisting the urging that pressed at the back of her mind to run to him and throw herself upon the ground and place her pale lips on his boots and beg him for forgivness for her insolence at being human. A wonderfull film slipped over her thoughts, replacing all logic with the simple need to be near her master.
'My master?!' She thought, allarmed, her eyes jerked away from his and she took a breathless step back. "Please..."She moaned as she slowly brought her hands to her head and covered her ears. "Please..."She felt her knees go weak and tears began to stream down her alabaster cheeks. Just as she was about to hit the ground, she felt strong arms around her waist, holding her up, supporting her. "... Please..." She whimpered, shaking her head and sobbing quietly.
"I am sorry, lovely one" The boy whispered in her ear. His breath was warm on her cheek and his lips grazed her closed eyelids. "Forgive me" He carefully stood and helped her to her feet. She leaned against him, feeling his heart beat against hers, it held the same rythem, the same time as hers did. She realized he had matched the two and gasped quietly.
She quickly pushed herself away from him, the mist gone from her mind and her thoughts were her own again. He had left her and his control over her had disipated, but he was still there, a tiny shadow 'he will always be there' She thought, then shook her head at the absurdedy of it. "I know what you were doing" She whispered quietly as she stood away from him, her head down, almost as if she was ashamed for resisting him.
"Of course you do... and Im sorry for it. I wanted to see what you were like, lovely one" He said quietly, he seemed nearly saddened that she had resisted him, her blood would have been sweet, and her pretty little girl body would have been wonderfull to cradle in his arms. What a pity she had forced him from her mind, of course he could have very easily pressed forward, she was only human after all. But he hadnt, sensing something different. There was a strange smell about her, he couldnt quite place it but it intoxicated him and he wanted more. He wanted to have her come to him on her own.
"Wanted to see what I was like without a soul, or what I was like without my blood" She muttered. "You know the answer to that, lovely one." He smiled at her as she looked up.
Her eyes caught his and held him. Again he felt that odd transe befalling him and he wanted to reach out and pull her to him. Or else reach out and slash her throught. Both would have been bitersweet releases.
"I know what you are... what you feed off of... "She shuddered, her frail shoulders wracked with the movement and she caughed. A wheezing, bubbling caugh. She brought her hand to her mouth and covered it, then once the fit had passed she quickly hid her hand at her side, not wanting him to see the tiny flecks of blood on her fingers.
"Why are you frightened of me?"He was almost teasing her.
"Why are you frightened of me, cursed one?"She looked up again and stared at a point beyond his shoulders, knowing not to look into his eyes again.
"I do not know... you should leave, my lovely. My brethren walk these forests as well as your city. It is not safe out here alone"
She could feel his age. She had met other Vampires, his 'brethren', but had not felt the same wisdom and an aura of eternity surrounding them as she had with this one. "It it not safe anywhere alone"
"Are you mine, girl with the pretty eyes?..."He cocked his head to the side, toying with the idea of following her back to her house
"Never. But you are mine and it frightens you" Her voice was once again soft as a kittens purr, but not half as placid or content. "What is your name, cursed one?"She whispered as she finally looked directly into his brown eyes again.
"Simon" His smile was slow, gentle. "And yours, my lovely?"
"Yvenne" She replied.
Simon reached out his hand and grasped hers carefully, then brought it up to his lips, placing a kiss upon her fair skin. It was merely a whisper of a touch but still it ran shivers through both spines. "Yvenne..."He murmered, trying out the sound of it. It rolled off his tounge and he smiled faintly, liking the way it felt. "Yvenne my lovely."
She carefully pulled her hand from his grasp, cradling it in her other. "Simon..." His smile broadened at the sound of his name upon her human lips. He had not spoken it to anyone in houndreds of years, he was simply known as "argent├ęs cheveux" to his people, and "Dark" to any humans who he associated with. He loved to hear her speak it. It brought a strange warmth to him and he felt again, the urge to lean forward and hold her in his arms. "You may have a name, cursed one, but you are still a demon"She said the words almost regretfully and watched as his face fell.
Simon looked crushed, as though a weight had crashed down upon him. He quickly regained his composure and his face returned to its former impenitrable mask. "You speak cruel words, Yvenne ... do you mean them, bel un?"
Instead of replying Yvenne turned away from him and walked from the tiny clearing, her back to the predator. As soon as she was out of earshot or eyesight, she started to run, her legs pumping and her skirt billowing around her calfs. Her human breath came in short gasps and she felt crystalline tears spill down her human cheeks. Although she had invaded his secret place, he would return. She knew he would. He was drawn there like a fly to blood, drawn by her human scent and the place's almost mystical atmosphere.
And she would return... he knew that.