Part I

My hand pressed against your chest
It collapses
And I'm in your emptiness
Crushed against your vertebrae
Your bones are so bright I want to play them
All their fragile pieces ring
All my voices rise to sing
But all your movements aren't listening

And your body is the only thing
That will ever be close to me

Part II

You hate me in my dreams
Watching as the sunlight beams
Against the creamy Gothic walls

I think it's because you're naked
Baked and nodding at girls who stroll
In the rolling green beneath the windows
I stroke your spine
You frown and spin
Through a million black holes
Away from old houses made by imaginary lovers

I wake up in my covers

Part III

I wonder if anyone ever told you you're just like your mother
I doubt it
That would be too mean

But you're so good at running it seems
Strapping yourself to escapade
Just so you can escape
To places where she doesn't touch you
From that faraway place
From that lacy cold car she slammed in to
No more children toys to swim in
Or cancerous lips to kiss

I drink in your justification
And juxtaposition your words between my teeth
Because when I bite down on them
They make me almost as numb as your drugs do
Strewn across a disfigured room
Grown into your brain

Part IV


I pray
At least until I know you're no longer searching
My stomach lurching
With all my disturbing dreams
Drenched in satanic tongues and demon lungs
That I want
Until I wake up to an open closet and cell phone
Breathing softly with hesitant sighs
I want to cry
Crawl beneath the apple tree outside
Defying the fruitless parts of me

Part V

You would be perfect for her
With all your obscurity
You try to hide beneath sincerity

But you're empty
And I can't puke out anymore empathy
Until your drugs are dried up
And you're filled with something

Until you can actually be

[Part VI]