"Well, Alex, I think I've found me a man!" Avery said in a singsong voice.

I rolled my eyes down at her and her chirpiness. I took in the sound of her clanking, black combat boots before I replied a gruff, "And who is this supposed moron?"

Avery hit me jokingly, my eyes finally used to her black fingernails and small, pale hands sheathed with fingerless gloves. "Don't be mean." I listened to her giggle, looking at her smile outlined in purple lipstick. "He's actually very sweet. I think you'll like him."

Oh no I won't.

"Yeah, whatever. He'll probably be some loser like the last one," I replied as if all-knowing. I didn't like any of the guys she attracted. I wanted her to stay away from them; they were trouble, and I knew it.

She glared up at me, her green eyes piecing through me. "How would you know when you scared him off before getting to know him?"

I don't want to know him.

"He wasn't good enough."

"And what is good enough for me, Alex? One of your football playing jerk-friends that makes fun of me?" She was serious now, and I could hear the hurt in her light voice. The guys that once joked around with her because she was my friend now turned on her as if she were a disease. In her eyes, it was betrayal.

When I didn't answer, she grabbed the football bag I was carrying over my shoulder and forced me to stop walking. The school was just over the rest of the hill, and she was going to be difficult. Great.

"Well? Answer me." She was glaring at me now, and that made me have to fight a grin.

"I'll meet this 'man' you've found if you'll over look my team, okay?"

The team that I wish to kill almost every day for the things they say.

The wind blew her black hair into her face slightly. "Promise me you'll be nice to him."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not promising anything, Avery."

She punched me in the arm, which didn't hurt at all. I was too used to guys hitting me in practice for that small punch to hurt. "You better be nice to him, or I'll refuse to talk to you."

"You would ignore me, the captain of the football team? You'd have to be really good at ignoring people to ignore me of all people." I wiggled my eyebrows in a cocky way that I knew would make her glare, and it did.

"I can walk out of your life just like that." She snapped her fingers at me to demonstrate.

The sad part was that I knew she was right. She could if she wanted to, and I didn't quite know if I could walk after her. "Nah, you'd miss me waaaay too much on your way home. I'm the sunshine in your day." I gave her a lazy smile and watched as her cheeks heated up, either she was blushing, or she was really that angry.

"Egotistical jerk!"

Let's guess it was her temper.

She turned her head skyward, crossed her arms, and made an attempt to 'walk out of my life'.

Too bad I was just too stubborn to let that happen.

"Hey, you big jerk! You put me down!" she squealed as I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She weighed next to nothing as it was anyway. "You're going to make me drop my bag!" She began kicking at me aimlessly seeing as she couldn't see where her feet flew.

"Well, you shouldn't try to make a dramatic exit, and maybe next time I won't have to carry you."

"And why are you carrying me? I do have legs, you know."

"Trust me, I'm aware of them flying all around my face," I answered in an amused tone, walking up the hill once again, the school almost within my sight.

"People are going to see us!" She began hitting me in the back with her fists over and over.


"So? So?! SO they'll SEE how WRONG this looks!" She kicked frantically again until I finally began cackling. She then stopped, giving in. "This isn't that funny. Your whole 'fan club' of girls is going to beat me up."

I paused, the school just a few feet away and put her down, but didn't let her leave my arms. I looked into her troubled green eyes as she looked all around us. Once her eyes found their way back to my hazel ones, she seemed more at ease as I bent my 6'2 frame down to her 5'3 level. "They won't give you much grief… they know better."

She looked away, knowingly, and then finally shook her head. "You know you don't have to protect me… I know you don't support this new 'style' I've taken up," she said gesturing down to her lacey, plead skirt all the way up to her heavily drawn on eyeliner. "It's okay though. You know I'll understand if you…" She looked up at me now, her eyes painfully cutting through my own. "If you don't want to be around me, I mean." She said it at such a low whisper that I suddenly realized how much she really did need me.

If only you knew how much I need you too…

I gave her that lazy smile back which made her playfully punch my chest. "Don't give me that smile," she ordered, wrinkling her nose. She then turned her head around to the giggling girls behind her, and I could see her go into defensive mode as her eyes met the glaring cheerleaders.

When I felt her begin to pull away, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer, closing the space between us. She darted her eyes at me, glaringly. "What do you think you're doing?" she whispered furiously.

I gave her that boyish smile that I could tell she adored, and then shot the girls behind her a glowering glance. I then bent down to her ear and whispered the only words that I knew to be true, "You know I'll protect you."

I sat in the lunchroom, knocking the green beans on my tray around with my fork. I wasn't hungry. I usually was starving by lunchtime, but right now I felt strange.

"Hey Avery."

I looked up at the mention of my name to acknowledge Lynn sitting down across from me. "Hi, Lynn." I gave her a small smile before returning to my green beans.

Silence followed before I heard Lynn almost throw her fork down. "Okay, tell me what the heck is wrong with you."

I looked up defensively. "There's nothing wrong. I promise." I gave her a reassuring smile that she apparently was not accepting as she crossed her arms over her chest. She then proceeded to look around the lunchroom, and then threw her eyes back on me.

"That reminds me…" She leaned forward as if to share a secret, so I followed and leaned back across the table. "Did you end up telling Alex about… y'know… about Halen?"

At the mention of his name, I looked at the corner of the cafeteria to find him, and all of his friends, sitting and talking. I tore my eyes away when I saw him turning his head, and for a brief moment, our eyes met. I looked back at Lynn, a blush rising to my cheeks. Crap it. He caught me.

I looked back at Lynn then to see her grinning. "Well? Was he okay with it?"

I looked back down at my green beans then, proceeding to pick up my fork and stab at them furiously. I could tell by Lynn's expression as I looked up that she was horrified by my action. "I didn't tell him…" I growled behind my black bangs.

"What?! Are you crazy?! He's going to be furious by the time he—"

Both of us shrieked at the sound of a tray being slammed down across from me, thus on the other side of Lynn.

"Is it true?" a gruff voice asked fiercely.

Lynn's horrified expression only seemed to be even more frightened at the death glare on the face of our football captain. I looked at Lynn then for help, and yet all I got from her was an awkward, "Err… Gotta go! See ya!"

Oh gee, thanks Lynn. What a great friend you are.

I finally sighed as I put on a fake smile as I looked up to meet his eyes. "Is what true?" I asked as innocently as I could muster up.

Alex was sitting across from me now, his beautiful golden, hazel eyes scowling at my act of playing dumb. "You know what. Is it true that Halen and you are dating?"

I looked back down at my green beans before meeting his eyes.

I saw him clench his fists on the table beside his tray. "So when did this happen?"

There was no point in lying to him, or hiding it from him. He would find out eventually through a cheerleader or one of the other jocks, so he might as well hear it from me. "This morning… during second period."

I could hear him sneer and grumble across from me.

"Come on, Alex. Please try to like this one."

"No," he deadpanned, his head tilted down. I could still see the scowl in his features. "Have you even seen what he looks like?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Yes, in fact, I have. Why? What's wrong with his looks?"

"What's wrong? What is right about them? Dang it, Avery! Why can't you just get a guy that I might be able to trust you with?"

"Alex, none of the guys I find are ever good enough for you to trust apparently, and I'm not letting you hand pick one because I can already imagine who you would pick."

I. Refuse. To. Date. A. Nerd.

At his scowl, I realized I was only making matters worse instead of easing them. I caught a look in his eyes that made me see that he was only watching out for me though. As his head was still bent forward, I inhaled a deep breath, trying to find a way to make this all right.

"Please, Alex," I reached across the table and placed my pale hands on top of his tanned, clenched ones and waited until all the tension in them were released. "Try to like him…" I waited for a moment and whispered, "for me?"

Alex tilted his head up to face my pleading eyes until he felt guilty and gave in. "You really like him?"

I nodded my head, allowing my bangs to fall into my eyes.

He reached up and brushed the strands away. "Okay then."

My face lit up as a smile replaced my troubled face. "Thanks, Alex. You're the best. You don't know how much this means to me." I reached across the table and gave him a hug before leaving to go sit with Halen to tell him the good news. So if I was so happy, why did I also feel so guilty?

"So…" She began, her hair being blown about by the wind and yet the sun still shining down on her features giving her that angelic effect. Gosh, she was beautiful. I was walking her home again, just like I did every day, but this one felt different from the start.

"You and Brea, huh?" she asked, not looking at me yet.

"Yup." I had my football bag in one hand and my other hand shoved into my pocket. The pair of us walking next to each other was probably a scene because we were so different. Who would expect a jock to fall in love with an exotic looking girl like Avery?

"Well, that's big, right?" She gave me a small smile even though I could tell she wasn't extremely thrilled like she wanted to let on. I knew how she would feel about me dating a cheerleader…

I shrugged carelessly. "I guess."

"What do you mean 'I guess'? Alex, you're dating the most popular girl in school. You're dating the head cheerleader. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

Not at all…

"Not really… but it's okay. I mean, she's okay, I suppose." I kept walking until she stepped in front of me to block my path.

"Alex, if you don't really like her, then why are you with her?"

I shrugged. "She asked… and I answered."

Silence followed after that, and I could tell she was concentrating on reading my soul, or something creepy like that. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable under her examining eyes. She didn't move until I gestured towards her front lawn. "We're here."

She didn't turn for a moment; instead, she studied my eyes, searching for a rhyme or reason to why I would be with Brea. She finally stepped back and walked to her front door. I turned on my heel, and just as I was about to leave, I heard her say, "I hope you find what you're looking for."

I turned to glance at her once more, seeing her standing in her doorway until she closed the door. I walked on, realizing that she wasn't just closing her house door, but it was like she was closing a door on me at the same time… the door that would lead me to her, to my black angel, for she was my Heaven.

Trust me… I've found it. I just can't have it.

I fell against the door as soon as I closed it, my hope dwindling. It almost seemed like there might be a light at the end of this dark tunnel, I thought as I looked down at my black fingernails, but there couldn't be. That supposed knight was not breaking through my fortress because I had put the dragon at the entrance personally, knowing that no knight could make it past the spitting fire. That dragon was for my own protection; I knew that… but what if I wanted a knight now? Halen should be my knight, right?

I let my head fall down onto my knees as I wrapped my arms around my legs pulled tightly to my chest. Stupid dragon, I thought bitterly, you're supposed to scare away all the knights… not turn out to be a prince charming yourself because there's no way I'd fit the part of your Juliet… you were too good for me.

Dang it! I fell in love with a stupid dragon! There has to be something wrong with me…

But this particular Romeo that I dreamed of was sitting right in front of me, and yet there was a line that could not be crossed, especially by me. No, this Romeo would end up with Rosaline, and I would stand back and watch. Rosaline would make him happy, and I knew this.

Geez, some Juliet I am.

I sniffled as I shook my head, somehow knowing that no matter how distant he could get, or how many girls he had, he would always be a Romeo to me.

I sat still, my arms around her dark form as I shushed her soothingly and ran my fingers through her hair. She sniffled several times, the shoulder of my shirt drenched in her tears. I knew I was an idiot four months ago when I let her walk away that day in the lunchroom. I was an idiot for letting her be with him.

"He said… he said he loved me," she whispered through small gasps.

At those words, I felt every muscle in my being flex, ready for a fight. I wanted to kill him. No, I could very easily kill him.

"He shouldn't lie to small girls like you," I whispered back, trying to make light of everything before I came undone.

"No, but he lied about everything else." She pulled away from me now to look up at me. It was a stab to my insides to see her eyeliner smeared due to her tears running down her face. "I wasn't the only girl he saw… I was just in his side mirror. Erika was in his front view… she was there all along… I was only a back up…"

I clenched my fists. A sob erupted from her throat as she leaned back into me. I released the tension to sooth her further by wiping some of her cheeks with the back of my fingers.

I knew she didn't fall on me just for comfort though… but she did it because she knew that I would catch her. I shushed her because I had a feeling that if I said anymore, then my temper would leak out and get the best of me, and I knew how she would feel if I told her what I planned to do come tomorrow morning…


I looked up at the sound of Justin, one of Alex's best friends who was a football player, as he came barreling toward Lynn and me in the lunchroom. "Yes?" I asked with a sarcastic, playing smile. Even when the whole football team turned on me, I knew Justin didn't. I then took in his troubled expression, causing my smile to falter somewhat. "What's wrong?"

"It's Alex. He's about to get in a fight in the common's area. You've got to stop him! The championship is tomorrow night!"

Lynn and I rose to our feet, and, without losing time, ran for the common's area with Justin at our heels. The only thought in my mind was getting to him, and what words I could use to try to get him to stop this insanity, but there had to be a catch. There had to be some reason why he would fight someone.

Surprisingly enough, I got my answer as I stepped onto the said 'battle ground' and found myself standing right in front of Alex and, any guesses? Halen. Before I could even utter a word, the first punch went flying. You could only imagine who ended up on top of the other, punching the living day lights out of the said 'other'.

"Alex! Get off of him!" I screeched, wrapping my arms around his arm and pulling as hard as I could. You could only imagine the strength of someone my size… and needless to say, Alex did not budge. "Alex, please! Stop!"

Justin came to my aid and began pulling Alex off, and I immediately took my position of standing in between them. Before I knew it, the other football players were helping restrain him from further fighting, so I turned my attention to the boy that I had been crying over for a few days now.

Even though I was still slightly angry with him, I could see that he needed medical attention in any case. "Here, Halen." I extended my hand, and he took it, and Lynn helped me carry him to the nurse's office. Surprisingly enough, she asked no questions, just tended to him and Lynn and I were free to go. I was happy to leave since Halen was smirking at me, giving me some sort of 'knowing' expression. Heck, he didn't know anything, and then he would mutter, "I should've figured that…" every so often. Gosh! Guys must be dumb. First, they jump on each other for no apparent reason, and then they mutter words suggesting they're delusional!

I walked out of the office, Lynn a few paces in front of me, and stopped. "What are you doing?" I asked, Lynn now out of earshot and around a corner.

Alex smirked at me as he leaned against the wall lazily with his arms crossed. His dark brown hair was slightly messed up and draped into his eyes from the fight, or his fight I should say since there was no reaction from Halen through all that punching. "Just waiting for you. I didn't see you taking me to the nurse's office."

"That's because you weren't hurt, stupid," I spat.

His smirk darkened now. "Why are you in such a horrible mood?"

"Oh gee, I don't know. I guess because my best friend just got into a fight over nothing!"

"It wasn't over nothing." He pushed himself off the wall now and stood in front of me to tower over me. I'm not sure if this action was supposed to intimidate me, but it certainly did not.

"Yes it was! You and your stupid temper!" I let my hands fly over my head in exasperation. "Did you know that if someone caught you or told on you that you might not be able to play in tomorrow's game? Are you aware of that? Alex, we're freakin' seniors! This might be the game that they offer you a scholarship in! It's important for you to play, not fight over something dumb."

"Something dumb? I don't consider me fighting with him over you something dumb. In fact, I take it quite seriously." He crossed his arms over his chest, seeming high and mighty now, but I couldn't help but feel slightly speechless over his words all the same. "And coach won't kick me out of the game. You know he doesn't give a crap about that. Heck, I could be failing all of my classes right now and he still wouldn't kick me out." He turned his back to me now.

My mouth was hanging slightly open, my mind finally being wrapped around his words. "Me? You were fighting over… me?"

He turned his head over his shoulder slightly, letting his beautiful hazel eyes catch my look before turning back to look at the empty hall. "Yeah… I couldn't let him get away with… that."

My breath caught at that and my heart began speeding up just a little bit.

Whoa, calm down, Avery. It's not like he proposed or anything…

I couldn't stop myself from what happened next, I just knew that as soon as I did it, I felt like kicking myself. I came forward and wrapped my arms around him from behind; catching the scent of his cologne at I pressed my face into his shirt. He smelled goooood.

"Thank you… for caring about me enough to almost kill someone over me," I said with a smile.

At this action, he seemed to freeze. Crap… just kill me now…

Finally, he put his hands on my hands and loosened them a little so that he could turn around to face me. He wrapped his arms back around me, returning the hug. We stood like that for a moment before he pulled away enough to bend down to my level, and as soon as he did, I knew what was coming as he looked into my eyes. As he inched his face closer to mine, I placed my fingers on his mouth to stop him.

Someone kill me for this.

He raised an eyebrow at me in question.

"Brea…" I whispered out, and pulled myself away from his secure hold, leaving him stunned. As I walked away from him, I could feel my whole world just starting to crumble, and the worst part was the pain that I knew would be killing me tonight before I went to sleep tonight.

"Raid! What's wrong with you, boy?! Get your head in the game!"

I tried not to roll my eyes at Coach as I ran back onto the field, but he was right; my head was not in the game. My head was wherever Avery might be at this very moment. I knew I had to straighten things out, and I knew that because I really needed to get some sleep tonight. The thought of someone else winning her heart before me didn't bring peace of mind at all. In fact, if anything, it only made me want to throw things at my wall. The very aspect and possibility of that even happening angered me.


I looked over to Justin, but he wasn't looking at me. He was looking past me, gesturing to something with his eyes. I turned my head, my helmet in my hand, and saw the angel herself that I longed to see. She was standing in the tunnel where the team had run out onto the field before the first quarter began. The wind blew through and pushed her hair away from her face, revealing green eyes staring at me.

Without even thinking, I began walking toward her. I paused when I heard my team calling me back to the play, but as I turned around, Justin gestured for me to go on. I nodded and jogged to the tunnel, aware of all the die heart fans and cheerleaders, including Brea, watching me.

Speaking of Brea, I had broken up with her this morning bright and early. She didn't seem to understand why, or even how I could do such a thing, but I knew that after tonight… she would understand, because I planned on making a certain angel mine.

I paused when I got in front of her and smiled as she smoothed down her shirt. "Well, I didn't expect you to come off the field for me." Avery pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. She let an uncomfortable smile grace her lips that were not outlined in lipstick, but in clear lip-gloss this time. This pleased me.

As I stood there staring at her, everything inside just seemed to be complete, and I wasn't scared any longer. If I didn't win her now, I probably never would. "What wouldn't I do for you?"

She seemed taken aback by that response as she cleared her throat. I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed and gave her my lazy smile. She responded by looking away and toward the football field, the players letting the game go on. "I noticed that you're not very focused tonight…"

Gee, I wonder why.

Her green eyes went back to mine and I was held in place, not that I planned on moving from her anyway, but I definitely wasn't since she pinned me there. "Alex, what's wrong?"

I shrugged, not sure what to say.

"Oh goodie, I get to guess." She rolled her eyes. "Did you and little Miss Princess have a fight?"

The way her eyebrows pulled together and her eyes got dangerous started making a lot more things click in my head. In fact, so much began to click that I found myself smirking at her, actually, almost laughing at her. She looked at me appalled.

"What is sooo funny?" she demanded.

I smiled at her. "You, my dear, are jealous."

Her hand flew to her chest as she shrieked and huffed, "I am NOT jealous!"

My smile only grew. "Honey, I can smell jealousy a mile away, and you are most certainly highly jealous of Brea."

"Of that powder puff girl? I think not!" She stomped her feet, and I raised an eyebrow. "Stop questioning my sanity and tell me what the heck is wrong with you!"

I let my smile slip somewhat back into a smirk. "Well… I have a problem… I'm missing something."

Avery rolled her eyes at me, looking bored. "Tell me what you need and I'll go freakin' get it, but it better not take me too long since I actually paid to come see this game… I was hoping you'd get a scholarship, but you're playing like crap."

I smiled again, looking down at my feet and shaking my head. She really didn't get it.

"What? What do you want?"

I inhaled some fresh air as I replied: "You."

Silence. I looked up at her to find her frozen. "You what?" she whispered, hardly believing it.


I turned around to see Coach waving his hands at me.

"Come back and get in the dang game!" he ordered.

I nodded and turned back to Avery. "Wait on me, okay? I'll come back after the game."

I didn't wait for her to answer; I simply ran back to the field and put my helmet on, her image still in my head until I heard Coach's orders.

I sat on the bleachers, the crowd around me cheering. Lynn was just as excited as the crowd was, but I couldn't cheer. I had too much on my mind to want to cheer. I still watched the game, and I smiled as I saw that Alex's head was finally in it; too bad mine was not.

"You know," Lynn observed, breaking my thoughts, "I've always known that he's liked you."

I shot her a glare before pushing her. "Oh shut up."

"He ran off the field for you. That's… pretty big."

The crowd cheered louder as I looked to see Alex running in for a final touch down.

I held my breath, but could still hear Lynn's voice cutting though the roar. "You, of all the girls here, are the only girl who has ever made Alex Raid run off the football field and fall in love."

As I turned to look at her, everyone stood up and screamed. I turned back to the field to see all the players running to the end zone and lifting Alex onto their shoulders as the time ran out on the clock.

"Come on!" Lynn grabbed my arm and pulled me down the bleachers and to the fence.

Alex was getting off of their shoulders, and I could see his eyes searching the crowd. I knew who he was searching for. As Alex made eye contact with me, I took comfort in the thought that he found me. He didn't move his eyes from mine as he moved through the crowd of boys and walked over to me along the fence. I smiled as he gave me his lazy look that made me blush.

He stood in front of me for a moment and then took my hand. "Come on."

I blushed even harder whenever I heard the whole team singing our names as if we were in love. Hey, I'm not saying we are here!

I followed him as he walked me to the parking lot. It was empty there, and it comforted me since I hated crowds. He stopped after we had made it far enough to where he knew we wouldn't be interrupted for a while. We stood there, he was staring up at the stars and I was watching him. I had noticed that he didn't drop my hand yet, but I didn't want him to either.

"Avery," he breathed my name, and I craned my neck to look up at him. He didn't look down at me though, but he continued. "I know… that this seems strange, but I'm afraid that if I don't tell you now, then I'll wait too late."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Too late for what?"

He took in a deep breath and turned down to look at me. He took my other hand in his and intertwined our fingers. "You know what? This might sound stupid, and a little crazy, but…" He looked at the ground and chuckled a little before meeting my eyes again. "Avery, I love you."

My mouth fell open slightly, and I could feel my breath catch. This wasn't happening…

"I think I've always loved you." He smiled some more, savoring the moment. "That's why I've always been so 'territorial' of you… because you were always mine, and I was always meant to be yours. It might sound crazy, but we were made for each other, and that's why I broke up with Brea. I didn't really care about her… but I know that I really care about you. All I'm asking is that you give me a chance."

I felt lightheaded, but I gave him a regretful smile as I replied, "Thank you, Alex. You don't know how long I've waited to hear that…" He moved in closer now, but I stopped the kiss again with: "but… I'm afraid I love someone already."

Alex looked as if he would be sick, and as his body tensed up and he tried to pull away, I wrapped my arms around his waist, not letting him go. I gave him a look of admiration as he tried to shake me off.

"Avery," he grumbled, "I don't know who the crap this idiot you 'love' could be, and as much as I would just love to hit him…" His voice dropped as he gave up on shaking me off.

"Nah. I don't think you'd hit him." I said softly as I traced lines on his arm, and I knew he was studying me closely.

"And why not?" he gritted out.

I pulled away and took a deep breath, turning my back to him after I gave him the best smile that I could give him. "Because… it's you."

Everything after that happened in slow motion. Alex slowly turned me around to look at him, and as I stood there, rain began to fall, but I was barely aware of it. All I could see were hazel eyes. He took a step toward me, and I didn't step back. I stayed where I was, my heart wildly beating in my chest.

He finally closed the gap in between us, stooped down, and stopped half way, questioningly, before finally kissing me. It was a short, but deep kiss, and as he pulled away, we both smiled at each other. I wrapped my arms around his neck the best I could as he pulled me to his chest.

This was definitely worth waiting for.

We were sitting on the hood of my deep blue car. Sure, we could've sat inside the car and stayed out of the rain, but what was the fun in that? I looked over at Avery as she held the black umbrella over our heads, looking happy and blissful in thought.

We sat still, letting the rain fill the silence, and I was happy.

"So…" she began offhandedly. "Monday, what are people going to say?"

I didn't even look down at her, I just kept her hand in mine, savoring the moment. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, come on, Alex. I'm not a cheerleader, I'm all wrong for you. You know people will talk… what do you think they'll say?"

I finally looked down at her, watching as the sun was slowly coming out again, but the rain was still drizzling. The sun hit her at just the right angle, and she became my beautiful angel again. I tilted my head to the side, enjoying my right to just stare at her freely. "I think… that they won't be a bit surprised."

"Why not?"

I let go of her hand and wrapped my arms around her and placed a kiss on her forehead before staring down into her eyes, all joking put aside, but I couldn't help but smirk at her. "They all know all those other girls were all wrong for me, you know. All the others I dated… everyone knew they weren't right for me."

She arched her eyebrow at me, but finally smiled back at me. "And why were they all wrong for you?"

"Because, Avery…" I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "none of those girls were you."

She smiled knowingly at this, and laced her fingers with mine as she kissed me again. I grinned as she pulled away. "I'd like to see you try to walk out of my life now."

Of course, I got the response that I wanted from her as she rolled her eyes.

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