The Secrets of the Gothic Artist

A/N: This story was created to go side-by-side with The Secrets of the Ice Queen. However, there will be no need to have to read both if you choose not to- although of course I highly recommend that you do. Encounters with the protagonists will be retold in different points of view in this story along with additional scenes. I felt the need to go in depth with Jayden's life and so created this story. The rating will probbly go up to M in a few chapters. Enjoy


Have you ever stopped and looked at the people around you? How just a simple passerby can have a whole entire life different to your own, or even stranger, their life can mingle beside yours for eternity… parallel, side-by-side without ever touching.

There are a myriad of people in the world, countless faces, races, sexes, and ages. Too many to ever contain each face in memory. Only specific encounters can make faces appear in the edges of the mind.

But exactly how specific do those encounters need to be?

Why are some people remembered over simple remedial things while other important ones are forgotten?

The world might never know.

One day a person might be meaningless, and in a split second they become your entire life. Why? Is that all preordained? Or is the final "push over the edge" is what seals the deal?

In fact, what makes people who they are? Why are some born with the power to rule while others find themselves mindlessly following those who are stronger? What gives that one person—willing to defy such an oppressing tyranny—the strength and the courage to stand alone? Are they more exceptional than anyone else? Does that mean the followers are inferior to that one person? If so does that denizen of justice become the next ruler destined to be dethroned by another individual who emerges?

A lot of questions, most unanswered.

Maybe there is not set answer… it may vary from person to person, situation to situation, floating in the abyss of the philosophical mind.

The one who stands alone may not have to be exceptional; they don't have to be strong, beautiful, smart, or even brave. They only have to be themselves and sometimes that's more than enough.

I guess that's what happened to me.

Some of you might relate to this story, some might not.

I can't say I'm speaking for all outcasts… I'm not exactly an "outcast" myself. I'm just… well… myself.

This is my story.

From the eyes of one individual: the one of many who remained true to their purpose but happened to cross paths with a queen.

Did I necessarily mean for it to happen? Not really.

Could I hold my own? For the most part.

Did I seek revenge? At first.

Was I the same after that? Not at all.

My name is Jayden Fay.

A person.

A savoir.

A killer.

An artist.

My story begins: The Secrets of the Gothic Artist