Only one...

There's only one person for everybody.

Only one person who can completely turn someones world upside down.

When you find that person its like your walking on heaven.
But when you lose that person its like you fall into hell.

Your world comes crashing down around you.

You cant breath, you cant see the world around you.

You feel like your gasping for breath, when your breathing easy.

You feel as if everybody looks at you in shame.

Nobody takes you seriously.

You feel like your dead.

And all you want is to have that person back.

But there's nothing you can do about it.

You pray that you could go back and change the past.

Take away that lie that you told.

But in reality, that's never going to happen.

There's nothing you could have said different.

Their gone.

You just have to face it and move on.

There's no sense dwelling on the past when there's nothing you can do about changing it.

You can only look to the future and pray that one day you will have that person back.

You love him with all your heart.

Hes your everything.

Even now that you lost him.

You hear hes talking to another one of his friends.

Your heart rips open when you think of him being with her.

You cry so hard that you feel like your insides are ripping out of your body.

You can't stop the shakes and heaves.

You're dying.

All because of the lie.

That lie that ruined your life.

The lie that made you lose him now and probably forever.

But you tell yourself one thing...

I'm through crying.
I wont let myself cry anymore.

I wont let myself be fooled into believing that he will be back.

I wont get my hopes up, only to have them shattered.
Deep down I pray to god he will, but I don't know for sure.

I never will.

I just gotta let it go and go on with my life.
If it happens, it happens if it doesn't then I don't know.

I just pray he will forgive me one day.

I still love him and always will. But for now I'll just be me.

That's all I can be.