Author's Notes: Feedback is appreciated. I'd like to read your interpretations of what this poem means. Thanks in advance.

"Discovering Me and You" (THT)

What would make everything alright again?
I feel like we're going under and there's nothing I can do.
Dread has taken its lethal, inhumane hold
The beast tightens.
It won't let go.
I, we must kill the creature.
Is it you, me or nothing at all?
You sacrifice me.
The sobs appear with no warning
Your heart had died
Maybe the warmth I felt was never there
I gave you mine.
You said the feelings had ended without build up
This is what you feel.
The sparkle is no longer there. Accept this.
Your emotions have the range of an ant
Almost nonexistent.
I was misled.
You said forever.
Forever is quick for you.
You said you and her were best friends.
Does that still hold true?
No, I didn't think so.
Betrayal is your choice of arsenal.
Go ahead fire.
I will be okay.
I'm done dwelling in the past.
You can go screw yourself.