"Back to the Start" (THT)

I want to feel like me again.
This person does not seem to be like her yet.
She let herself be very vulnerable
And wow did she get hit
By someone she trusted with everything
Especially her heart.
I can no longer think of you the same way ever again.
In truth, I'm not supposed to.
You appear to me so flawed.
I can't hate you.
I definitely cannot or will not love you.
I did that already.
You took a sledge hammer and let instinct take over.
The devastation is still felt.
Did you know that everyday of every minute I force myself to forget?
That's the only thing I can do.
How can I be your friend after this?
It would as if we never had a history
Though both of us know there is.
How much faith do I put on you?
Will the feelings still be there?
I'm afraid I have to stay away from you forever.
Maybe the only way to get completely over you is
Start life as if you never came into it.
It's that painful.