(a/n: This chapter came straight from the heart. Read it and let the raw emotion split your eyeballs in two from all the tears you shall leak. Now...Certain people (who shall be left unnamed (I think we all know who)) Have claimed that they have written this entire story out already! But let me assure you now that this would be impossible. Because, you see, I thought up this entire plot in a past life-time which I then remembered when I was two years old and wrote down at the age of five using my supreme writing talents. I bite my thumb at any who says otherwise.)

Blade Sunhunter didn't know what to do. He was alone and restrained, and could not even begin to imagine the horrors that Stranger was experiencing in The Warrior's princesse's bohemian style chambers. This was all his fault..No, this was his father's fault for leaving him at the time he needed him the most...All those years ago.

"Father," he whimpered, "WHY DIDN'T YOU LOVE ME?"

Just then, a scurrying noise distracted him from his inner pain and busty turmoils.

"Gowsh Sunhunter, what's wrong?"

"Bloodlust Succubus Hunter?" Blade asked. He briefly forgot all his troubles at the sight of his bestest friend in the whole world, but then he remembered that his bestest friend was a squirrel and was probably not going to be much help in this situation. "Everything's wrong!" He said in babtious misery. "I'm trapped here and tomorrow I have to fight a thousand well endowed men if I ever want the chance to save Stranger from his horrible..." He closed his eyes and cringed, "horrible fate." Somewhere off in the distance he heard a cry that sounded as if Stranger'snervous vocal disemborgment was acting up again.

"Aww cheer up!" Said Bloodlust Succubus-Hunter. "I brought you something!"

"Nothing you could bring me could save me!" Blade whined. "What possible plot device could give me just the right advantage to defeat all my well endowed foes?"

"These!" Said Bloodlust. He disappeared for a moment...And then a moment longer. The squirrel was gone for a fucking long time before Blade heard some stifled grunts as it dragged in two very heavy...BOOTS OF STEEL! "You can use these to kill them all!" Bloodlust announced.

A ray of sunlight landed on the pair of boots and a quire of angels began to sing off in the distance (It may have been Stranger's vocal disemborgment again).

"Wait," Blade interrupted the dramatic moment. "...How are those going to help me?"

"They're heavy!" Said Bloodlust, and all of a sudden it all made sense.

"Yes...I see! Of course, it's brilliant. Bloodlust Succubus Hunter, you're always there for me. Every time I ever needed someone to talk to, to play catch with...To be there. But why?"

Bloodlust gained a distant far-off look. "One day you'll know," he said. "Everything will be explained, but for now, you must simply trust that I-WALNUT!" He dashed off.

"There goes the bravest beaver that ever lived." Said Sunhunter. "And tomorrow, I'm going to make my dead father proud..."

With that a chorus of rats gathered near Sunhunter's feet and strummed tiny rat guitars as they burst into epic song.

"Yes he'll make his father proud

And show all those well endowed

men, how it feels to keel!

He will rescue his friend Stranger

from the worst fate in the world

and he'll do it all in boots of steel

Yes he'll crush them with his boots of steel

They'll all die under his boots of steeeeeeeel"

Outside the Tent, Bloodlust huddled in the branch of a tree and took a moment to pause from squeaking manically at a dog that was barking at him down below. "Forgive me, Sunhunter," he said, "but I had no choice. If only you knew that those boots of steel will be your doom! But alas, your heart is too pure to suspect such things. What have I done!" With that, he bounded off to the cave of the water nymph.