A Little Dash of Vodka Cranberry

I'm leper-raisined lightly
Fret-legged marching a hospital triangle
Stumble into grinded cinnamon lung flakes
Pouring dagger slush chest outlining some stone
Peeling crisp layers from dry-hearts roof-hung
Staple pedal mute-scream hunch back-splint
Sand hands claw in for a little dash
Of dear sweet vodka cranberry
Here's to you

I sway stiff hands nightlessly
Days of mare tapping keys between legs
Cracker leg chunks bedspread window plasticine
Watching myself befriend left-length litter-clean limousines
Witching falling fingers sprink-chucked cherry
Bargain God-seeds in de-vigil street dreams
Basement world calls of cry heat silence
Make/love/live vodka cranberry
Here's to forgetting you