"Why did I agree to this again?" -sighs-

-smirks- "You lost the bet."

"Only by one mark!" unbelievingly.

"I know." -grins- "But still, you lost."

"Yeah, whatever. Can we get this done now?"


"Question number one?"

"What's your middle name?"

-pauses- "Are you sure you want to know?" hesitantly.

"Sure. If I didn't, why would I ask?"

"...Promise you won't laugh?"

"I wouldn't guarantee though."

-sticks out tongue- "Asshole."


-sighs- "It's Mary."

"... That's not so bad. I thought you were gonna say Pandora or some mythical creature or whatsoever."

"It's bad enough. When I was in kindergarten, the kids there used to ask where my little lamb is."

"Wait." pause. "They knew your middle name?"

"We had to write down own full name on a circle and stick in on our uniforms, idiot."

"They knew your middle name?" incredulously.

"What? It's not like I wanted to tell them, and please save your blank look for someone who cares. You can't be the first one to know everything."

"...Huh? Oh. Yeah. Right. Moving on. Do you wear contacts?"


"Are you positive?"

"Double checked it. Triple checked it. Still no contacts. Happy?"

"Then why is the left iris brown?"

"Uh... 'Cos the right one is blue?"


"How can you blame me for the genes my parents left me?"


"I do not wear contacts. You don't believe me? Sure. No problem. I'll just have to say it all over again. I do not wear contacts. I do not wear contacts. I do not wear contacts. I do not
wear contacts. I do-"

"Okay, okay, I get it. You don't wear contacts."

"But what if I did?"

-shrugs- "I don't know. Maybe you won't be as unique as you are now."


"Don't imitate me."

"Hah. Now you're just being a baby."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"... Now we're acting like babies. Man, you must be contagious."

"Huh. As if. So, what do you like to eat?"

"Food. Duh."

"Specify food, Carter." pause. -grins sadistically- "Or should I say... Mary."

"...Ew." -scrunches eyes- I'd prefer my given name."


"...No, Katastrophe." -rolls eyes-

"Not in the mood for sarcasm here. Anyway, just answer the question."

"I like normal food, not the kind you eat in those prissy high class restaurants. Hotdogs, maybe? But if you're talking desserts, I'm crazy over ice cream. Vanilla, specifically."

"Vanilla? I always pegged you more of a chocolate person."


"You're more of a adventurous, fun... I don't know, don't-mind-if-your-hands-get-dirty girl.

"... So now you're saying that I stink."

"Hah. I wish I were, but no, I'm not. You just seem more of a chocolate girl."

"You assume things, Messer, you don't actually know things. Chocolate is too rich for my taste. Vanilla is plainer. I like plain, boring, common stuff."

"How 'bout music?"

"Well, I don't know. I usually loathe heavy metal. but Linkin Park and Fort Minor both have a good beat."

"... You're kidding."

"And why would I be?"

"You must be, cause I like them too."

"Don't make an ass out of you and me."

"...Huh?" stupidly.

"Assume. Don't make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'? God, can you be any more dense?"

-glares- "For your information, Carter, I'm not assuming you don't like Linkin Park, I'm just asking you if you were joking."

"That didn't seem like a question to me, Messer."

"Well it is. And you have to answer. It's part of the bet."

"Okay. First, I do not joke. Want me to say it another hundred times? Fine. I do no-"

"I get it. So what else do you like? Music, I mean."

"Well, I don't usually listen to classicals but I like Canon." pause. "Come to think of it, I think I know how to play it. On piano, I mean."

"You play the piano?"

"God, Messer. Is there anything you know about me?" incredulously.

"What else do you play?"

"The drums, guitar, flute, violin, cello, piccolo."

"...You're done, right?"

"What? Now you've never pegged me as a music person?"

"You were an artist. How would I know?"

"Just because I paint means I can't play? How stupid is that. You paint, you play the guitar. What makes you say I can't do that too?"

"You've never played. How would I know?"

"I didn't want anyone to know, so I never played publicly, only you and Chris knows my secret."


"My best friend, you idiot."

"Friend? I thought they said you slept with him."

-narrows eyes- "Who said that?"

"Nah. Just some rumors I heard on the way to class."

"Spill, Messer." demandingly.

"... Girls. Melinda, Bridget, Wilhemina... You get the picture."

"Those bitches... Oh, they're gonna pay."

"So... You're saying that you've never slept with Chris?"

"Of course! How could I sleep with him? He's my best friend, for God's sake. And what's more, he's gay. So shut it."

"So... you're a virgin?"

"Do I look like a slut to you?" -glares-

"I'm gonna take that as a yes."

"Duh. I haven't even gone out on an actual date with anyone yet, much less sex."

"Dateless? So... you're lips are virgins too?"

"No dates. What do you think?."

-grins sadistically- "So, you wouldn't mind if I stole their virginity, would you?"

"...Messer, you wouldn't dare." -widens eyes-

"Try me." -winks-