A friendly puppy

Why am I so afraid of it you ask...

I have my reasons. They are silly, but they are reasons.

First of all, it's a dog. And I'm afraid of dogs. These disguised beasts whom we like to call ''man's best friend''. They may be loyal, they may be funny, but that's only until you meet a mad dog in ''private''.

It's going to make your every cell tremble only if you take a glance in his crimson eyes. And his sharp teeth start to show up, adding more fear to your already terrified soul, making your legs feel weak, but you don't dare to make a move. It sure brings you to despair, making you think that even your breathe is too loud.

And then, after the beast is sure that you're more than afraid, it starts to move its paws towards you, making little steps, advancing slowly, but every second brings him closer to you.

And then it stops.

Suddenly he freezes and looks at you with innocent eyes, as if he just wanted to play with you. Ain't that a man's best friend?

And then your beloved neighbor, the hag living next door to you appears out of thin air, takes the beast in her arms, gives him a light kiss on the nose, thanks you for taking care of her dear puppy. You've got to love your neighbors!

And after long years of terror, living under the same roof as that beast, you finally decide to move out, to get rid of that nightmare, you find a nice house in the suburbs, with nice neighbors, kids running down the streets and, of course, your husband's Rottweiler.

What to do? Where to lock your new pet? Let it starve to death? Throw him in the Thames? Poison? No. You're not a murderer. You can't commit that sin just because your fear of dogs follows you EVERYWHERE. No, you're going to show that ''nice'' side of that dog to your husband, he'll be amased and scared and will give up his ''friend''.

And maybe he'll buy a fish. Yes, a goldfish in the kitchen. Perfect.

After a lot of effort and such a long time (only a few weeks as long as decades) you finally pack the dog and send it away. Such a happy life! No more dogs! No more barking! No more destroyed shoes!