The months that had overpassed themselves, left no remnant of their presence.

It was as if the time was endless, a sort of reality and desperation that changes a man, changes a man from human to beast.

Not at all what would incur such talk as the like, but the type of transformation that reestablishes the era we live in, where a man who is known as a rat, will be eradicated for better meaning.

In contrast to that, we all have the fires of passion that ride our every move, every motion to the brisk brim of extremity in collaboration, a quality of which shields us from life's true flavor, true meaning.

Though easily expressed these errors, and misappropriated calculations of mental, physical, and emotional state, surround us in the days of both new and old lands.

Land restituted as effects and conflicts, wedges left open, often to crack and slash the once prized and powerful Mesolithic canyon, into the two pieces, that reveal a crater, a death pit to all, where the canyon was supposed to be combined.

These canyon cracks, can often, eventually be repaired and forced one more, it is in our hearts, advances, and seperaments, that they can fully be restored and born fully complete to us, in principle though, we will be left waiting often years, before some canyons are restored, and the pit revoked.

With the lather of such, recovery and restoration being only a consequence of repenance, we must first address, how the dull blade of the canyon, would become such a jagged edged sword.

After the night of which, we know all well, life wasn't simply original, being stated as the one true work of art, life, requires consistency mandated as it's potent elixir, whatever anyone chose to express in repertoire of our examination, we choose to rebuke with little passion or fire.

The awakening, or entrance of Ceder to our humbly established residency, provided us yet more of a lacking deal then we possibly deserved, we got a bargain from this certificate, ticket, coupon, whatever you prefer, it was more then we could have possibly anticipated, as a smirk to the extremities and rules we set forth for the household environment prior.

"Ray, when are you going to get a job?", I asked.

"Irrelevant currently, Rodlin".

"Why do you proclaim such?".

"To specify, we must keep our senses fully about, for at camp tonight creatures and unknown elemental forces, look not only to extinguish us, but also to earn resolve in desolating our meaning".

"In brief, we are heroes Rodlin, that deserves honor, devotion, and great, vast amounts of innumerable counts of time".

"And what of dinner, what of living, what of being human?".

"We are only half human, meaning we are required to really only participate in general human survival tactics and efforts, the remaining time, should be used to aid those less fortunate and opportuned then us".

"Intending to impart more morals, will only exasperate the ones we can adore and work with now".

"Meaningful morals, Rodlin".

"Whatever the case, this job will actually get you out of dormancy in the apartment all the time".

"Forceful aren't you Rodlin?".

"Trust me, it will be good for people to know you, it will make you less mysterious, and more well known on the outside, we have an ally, that has helped us, and can help you as well, with both a job, and supportive, expansive aid, through which could benefit you greatly".

"Whatever Rodlin".

Noting his resistance to the job and human aspects of life, told me he was devoted to being a hero.

And that conforming him would be crucially and essentially difficult in a specifically drawn task.

When the seed is first planted into the winter cold, it will be forced to endure many troubles.