Quickly falling, I hoped that the humongous macine would not collide with anything on the ground.

Be it building or person, by all hopes I was lucky to see the like prevented.

We landed in the river, the hull of the dragon's tail luckily landed there.

We had to move quickly as the weight of the hull, and the chlorinated water vat, were subsequently sinking.

When we were all safely on land, the police arrested Lucele and Cardinal.

Al however I felt bad about seeing took away to prison and later Saint Kathren's, but the hybridization left him paralyzed in the mind.

The next day I decided to visit Saint Kathrens', as I passed many of the tortured souls admitted there; I found Lucele.

"Not a day when you don't have the sun in your eyes eh Lucele?", I asked sarcastically.

"The name is Jewel, Lucele Harlow is dead", she retorted.

"I'm sorry, I really can't apologize for everything, it is my fault your in here", I tried.

"Save your pity for someone else, I knew the consequences imposed on me", she contniued.

"But I don't believe you did."

"So that would make me insane then right?", I countered.

"Pitiful sun, leave my sight, I wish only to see the rain clouds you crash through", she said.

"You should know that I've made some mistakes, but everything I did was to protect the socity and justice of the lands", I said.

"If anything at all I can tell you that."

"Hold dear your policied, keep them with you at all times Rodlin", she began.

"Make them as important to you as the bible, because soon you will fall."

"And like the comedy you impose on the misguided, soon you will be the one to fall to misguidance."

"Then I will have the last laugh."

Frustrated by Lucele's stubburness, I left and went to met up with Al.

Al surprisingly had a converted cell, that was once the asylum's greenhouse, with plants, a pool and patio equipment spread out througout the room.

"How are you holding up old friend?", I asked filled with sorrow.

"I'm doing alright kid, it's nice to see you here, but you can relax I'm going to be fine", he responded.

"How can you say that when you are left here alone?", I said.

"Calm down Rodlin, it isn't as bad as you think, the food is decent, the people are friendly, and I enjoy my garden cell", he responded.

"I will get you back to the real world friend, I promise", I said.

Al's face crinched,"Disregard that Rodlin, I'm here to heal, no matter what happens, I will stay healing ."

"But Rodlin, while I'm in here, be sure to keep close eyes on Japan, I fear that he will be on edge with you."

"I will do that", I said.

"Good, now get some sleep, you look like hell", Al said.

I left that day disappointed, but there were still other threats on the horizon.

The next time though, the sky would look much more darker then usual.

"Upon the new fear's arrival, the seed wll begin to grow into the sickled, sickened tree of thorn roots."