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If He Didn't Have a Twin

I have a thing for organization. When I sit idly in my room, or when I'm sitting in class listening to a teacher drone on about this and that, I start to organize my schedule in my planner, rather than listen to things I already know. I organize hour by hour, subject by subject. It keeps me focused.

I like to keep things in line, too. When my mom tells me to clean my room, I tend to go a little crazy with the organization. Every jacket has to be in place, every pencil has to be put away—all of this despite the fact that they'll be out and thrown all over the room within the week. Overall, a fruitless attempt at keeping things neat, in my opinion.

Themes are something I like as well. Currently, my room's theme is scenery: large landscapes and views from mountain tops. My walls are painted a soft, light green, and even my calendar has pictures of forests and mountain animals. My ceiling is painted dark blue, with small glow in the dark stars stuck all over it for a night time sky effect. A couple shiny stars are hanging down from the ceiling, as well.

With all of my organization and tendency to themes in all aspects of my life, you can imagine that I go crazy on school spirit days. By the time the year is over, I have something for any spirit day the ASB throws at me. Want to plan a Western Day? I'll dig out my cowboy hat and lasso. What about Space Day? Give me my astronaut helmet and NASA t-shirt. There was even one occasion, Safari Day, in which I dressed up as a banana; more than one guy in a gorilla suit chased me around the halls and in the cafeteria that day.

Gorillas don't even live in the African safari. They live in the jungle. The guys didn't care.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure where bananas fit in the great outdoors, either. Oh well.

Anyway, my organization and theme-ing comes with a need to prioritize. I categorize things every day by what is important, what needs to be done quickly, what needs to be done with more care; it's the best way to succeed. I know where I'm going, how long I'm going to spend there, and when I am going to leave. I prioritize, you know? Everything is in its proper place.

Which is why I was more than a little shocked to see my number one priority of the day wrapped around a Christmas elf.